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As technology evolves, so does the traveler’s toolkit.

Back in the mid 90’s, when we first started traveling, our toolkit consisted of:

  • A physical guidebook, which may or may not have been up to date.
  • A physical address book with important phone numbers – emergency numbers (bank, travel insurance, family, and friends.)
  • Paper copies of our passports, visas, vaccinations, and flight and accommodation bookings
  • A handwritten list of traveler’s cheque numbers (and sometimes bank note numbers) as a backup if any got lost.

Today, it’s a whole different ballgame.

At last count, I had over 180 apps on my phone, and I’m constantly adding, deleting, and replacing them with the best options at the time. The majority are either travel-related or necessary to keep our life of long-term travel in order.

So, at the request of our followers, I’ve pulled together this list of (what I consider) the best travel apps of 2024.

I’ve clearly identified the ones WE USE and also added a selection of those I think would be helpful for different types of travelers.

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first getaway, these apps offer a combination of convenience and efficiency. Together, they will transform your device into a travel companion that seamlessly navigates deals, itineraries, and experiences and helps keep you safe and organized.

I’ve tried to categorize each mobile app logically based on its primary use in our lives.

However, some apps can fit in more than one area. Where this occurs, I’ve added a more in-depth description to the first mention and then added a summary in subsequent sections.

I think that having at least one app in most of the categories is almost essential for anyone looking to streamline their trip, whether it’s long-term, like us, an annual vacation, or regular short getaways.

So let’s get started.

Picture of a mobile phone and travel magazine

Streamline Your Trip Planning

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but it can become a breeze with the right apps and a willingness to learn new tech.

I think I need to stress that last part. Tim takes a bit of convincing to download a new mobile app to his phone, so I tend to plan and execute most aspects of our travel. It would be a huge learning curve if I were ever incapacitated.

From scoring the best deals to booking your hostel or hotel stays, the tools I’ve listed below are designed to make trip planning efficient and (I think) enjoyable.

So, whether you’re organizing a long-term trip, a week-long vacation, or a spontaneous weekend getaway, these apps can help you turn a daunting task into an exciting part of the travel experience.

WayAway ( and WayAway Plus)

The WayAway App has both a FREE and “PLUS” version,

The free version is excellent for finding great prices on flights and accommodation, and their Trip Planning tools help us find the best value options (dates, destinations, etc.).

The WayAway Plus membership offers a host of additional benefits, including CASHBACK on your flights, accommodation, tours, rental cars, flight compensation, and more. The premium membership also comes with 24/7 support.

We have the WayAway PLUS membership, which cost us 44 USD using our discount coupon. But we’ve already made over 400 USD in cashback, used support several times, and still have months to go in this year’s membership. You can see our cumulative cashback total on this page.

I’ve done a full review of WayAway (both free and paid.)

They have a free, no-risk 7-day trial for WayAwayPlus if you want to try it out before committing.

and I have a guide on how to get the most from the free trial HERE.

And here’s a 55% Discount Code

Hopper – Predictive Booking for Cost Savings

I’ve only recently downloaded the Hopper app to evaluate its potential.

We’re currently searching for tickets from Thailand to the UK in June 2024, and I’ve found some interesting options on the mobile app.

Thus far, Hopper seems the perfect backup to WayAway when we book travel as it uses predictive algorithms to identify cost savings on flights, hotels, and rental cars. It tells you whether the price will likely go up or down.

Its ability to forecast price trends with precision allegedly means travelers can book at the optimum time, something I’m sure we all struggle with.

The app’s user-friendly interface and notifications take the guesswork out of booking at the best price and should ensure that you never miss a deal.

Download the Hopper App from their Homepage

A screenshot of Tripit

TripIt – Organizing Your Itinerary with Precision

One of the people we housesat for recommended the TripIt app, and I’m currently evaluating it as a replacement for my somewhat manual process.

TripIt has become one of the best apps for meticulously organizing travel itineraries.

By simply forwarding your confirmation emails for flights, hotel stays, rental cars, transport bookings, restaurant reservations, and tours, TripIt constructs a comprehensive travel schedule that keeps you on track.

Its intuitive design and powerful features streamline the planning process, giving you a clear view of your trip’s timeline at a glance. With TripIt, managing your journey’s details becomes effortless.

I currently do most of what it does in my head and with manual systems, but that would make it tricky for Tim if anything happened to me.

TripIt has a FREE version, which seems perfectly adequate for our needs, and a PRO version, which looks super cool, but I don’t think we need all those bells and whistles at this stage.

You can download the app here.

A screenshot of the roadtrippers page

Roadtrippers – Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Open disclosure: We’ve not used the Roadtrippers app yet, as we didn’t discover it until after our Road Trips in the US and Canada. But we’ll definitely check it out next time, as it’s meant to be one of the best.

Unfortunately, it only covers the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand atm, but you can suggest other countries to them. I’m not sure how much notice they’ll take, but you’d have to think European destinations won’t be too far away.

According to the marketing blurbs, Roadtrippers caters to the wanderlust of those seeking the open road, offering the best deals and tools to plan the perfect road trip.

Its user-friendly interface allows travelers to map out routes, book hostels and hotel stays, discover attractions and find things like gas stations, RV parks, and camping spots along the way.

With a focus on the journey as much as the destination, the Roadtrippers app adds value to each mile and is ideal for those who love the freedom of the road and the joy of discovering new places.

They have a FREE version and three paid membership tiers (with a FREE TRIAL)

You can use this link to get $5 off or use or use Promo code: BTR5QTP at the checkout.

On the topic of road trips…everyone needs a navigation app, right? Tim has a great sense of direction, but I’m totally hopeless! So here are our favorites…

A picture of someone navigating with a mobile

Embarking on an adventure has never been easier, thanks to cutting-edge navigation apps.

Gone are the days when you jumped off a bus in a place with strange place names (often in script) and had no idea which direction to walk in, leaving you at the mercy of unscrupulous taxi touts to find a hotel room!

With real-time updates and comprehensive maps, travelers can now explore with confidence. These apps cater to every mode of transportation, ensuring you’re never lost, whether in a bustling city or on a remote trail.

From turn-by-turn directions to locating the nearest rest stops, these tools are designed to make your travels hassle-free, providing the guidance necessary to enjoy each moment without worrying about the logistics of your journey.

A picture of someone using Google maps to navigate

Google Maps – The Ultimate Navigation Tool

Google Maps continues to reign as the ultimate navigation tool, offering unparalleled assistance on any road trip. Its detailed maps and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for travelers seeking to explore new territories with ease.

This is the navigation app we mostly use when we aren’t on the bikes. I.e.,., when backpacking, road tripping, or just hanging out planning our sightseeing on a house sit. And the best thing is, it’s free.

With features like offline maps, identifying traffic delays and new functions like creating lists, Google Maps ensures that you’re prepared for every leg of your trip.

It also allows you to upload GPX files through the My Maps option. This is really handy for bicycle tourists who want to upload, say a Eurovelo route.

It’s the go-to app for millions of travelers who rely on its accurate, real-time guidance to reach their destinations.

If you are one of the three people worldwide who haven’t downloaded the app yet, You can get:

The IOS Version here

The Android Version here

However, with plenty of experience under our belts, we can safely say that Google sometimes sucks at plotting bicycle routes (especially when you have a FULLY-LOADED touring bicycle.)

We’ve been sent up super steep hills on “mostly flat” routes more than once, and we’ve found ourselves roaming around new housing estates and clambering over fences and high gates at times.

Hence, we always double-check our cycling routes with the following app…

A screenshot of the Komoot website


Komoot is an innovative navigation app that empowers millions of users to explore the great outdoors with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to outdoor activities, Komoot provides intuitive route planning, turn-by-turn navigation, and offline maps to enhance your experience.

It’s the perfect companion for anyone looking to hike, bike, or embark on any outdoor adventure. It offers personalized route suggestions for different ability levels, and you can share your experiences with a community of other enthusiasts.

We currently use the FREE version of Komoot to plot cycling paths. It beats Google Maps hands down regarding accurate profiles (elevation, inclines.) It also shows distances to and from our start and finish, which is mentally important to me (Shazz.) I like to know how far I have to go and what I’m up against to get there.

Komoot also has paid options with lots more features. you can purchase subscriptions to regional information or worldwide.

You can download the app at the bottom of there home page.

AllTrails – Discovering Scenic Trails Worldwide

AllTrails is another app, ‘same, same, but different’ to Komoot. We haven’t used it yet, but at a quick glance, it seems mostly focused on hiking and walking trails rather than on-road cycling. I did a search on our next cycling destination for “Road-biking” routes and it came up with 20 of the 206 available. Komoot, on the other hand, came up with 127.

Reading the reviews, AllTrails stands out as one of the best platforms for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the best scenic trails around the globe. Its extensive database caters to hikers of all levels, offering detailed trail maps and user reviews.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely nature walk or a challenging mountain hike, AllTrails provides the resources to plan and embark on your next outdoor adventure with confidence.

They also let you try their apps and site for FREE!

You can download their app from their homepage.

We’ve also used MapMyRide and Ride With GPS at times for cycling as well, but have finally settled on Komoot.

BikeMap is another resource we may investigate in the future as they just released a bunch of new features.

A picture of the Waze app icon on a mobile

Waze – Real-Time Traffic Updates and Navigation

We haven’t used Waze yet as we rarely drive. (but since we have a car on our house sit in Thailand at the moment, I’ve downloaded it to give it a go.)

However, friends swear by it as an alternative to Google Maps because of its ability to avoid traffic congestion with alerts and rerouting. (Fun fact: Google actually owns it. )

Waze has become synonymous with real-time traffic updates and efficient navigation. By crowdsourcing data, it provides users with the most current information on traffic conditions, saving time and frustration on the road.

The app also helps drivers find the cheapest gas and the best places to eat along their route. Waze’s community-driven approach ensures that you have the latest local insights at your disposal, making it a valuable tool for any trip.

You can download the app here.

Different foreign currencies

Staying on Budget

‘Measure what matters’ was one of the key tenets of my old job as a quality manager. The same applies today as a long-term traveler. Another saying that comes to mind is, “Look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

We don’t map every penny in every destination. After so many years on the road, I have a good feel for how we’re tracking against our daily budget. 

However, some expensive destinations require more focus if we’re not going to accidentally break the bank.

Traveling with others can also get tricky. Embarking on an adventure with friends or family can be fun, but managing expenses transparently so everyone pays their share and is happy can be less so. 

Enter the realm of budget-tracking apps designed to alleviate ‘administrivia’ stress on the go.

You can use the following two apps to monitor your spending, but each has a slightly different focus.

Splitwise simplifies splitting costs when we travel with others, and Trabee Pocket has better reports if we travel alone.

With features like currency conversion and expense categorization, they’re indispensable tools for savvy travelers keen on enjoying their journey without monetary confusion.

Screenshot of the Trabee Pocket website

Trabee Pocket

Trabee Pocket is a travel budget manager designed to help globetrotters organize and track their expenses easily. This intuitive app lets users quickly log expenses on the go, view comprehensive statistics, and even maintain a mini-diary with notes and images for each expenditure.

With features like multi-currency support and automatic currency conversion, Trabee Pocket makes monitoring travel finances easy, leaving us to enjoy our latest adventure.

It has a free version, but because I wanted nice, colored reports to show everyone how fiscally responsible we were in Switzerland, I paid 7 USD to go PRO. It’s a small price to pay to get access to the premium extras and support the app developers.

Use the Download menu item on this page to find the apps

Screenshot of the Splitwise homepage


Splitwise is a user-friendly app designed to simplify the process of splitting expenses.

It’s perfect for roommates, travelers, and friends who engage in shared financial activities.

The app allows users to track balances, organize expenses, and ensure everyone pays their fair share. With features like offline mode, cloud sync, and currency conversion, Splitwise takes the hassle out of managing shared costs, making it an essential tool when traveling in a group.

We used the free version on a trip to Canada with family.

Rather than divide things up each time we paid for something, it was far easier to:

  • take it in turns to pay for meals, drinks, petrol, and accommodation,
  • log the expenses in Splitwise, and
  • then sort the difference at the end of the trip.

We were working in three currencies (AUD, CAD, and USD) and the app made it so much easier to calculate who owed who what and square things up at the end.

We used the free version, but you can also buy a monthly or yearly subscription to the Pro version, which has lots more functionality. We might consider it if we traveled in groups more often, but that’s unlikely for the foreseeable future.

The link to the apps is at the bottom-right of this page.

Beds under mosquito nets

Booking Accommodations Made Simple

Apps that offer a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly stays, have simplified our hunt for accommodations.

It seems only yesterday that we would walk for hours to find a suitable room and book a hotel in a new destination because we couldn’t reserve one online. (Gosh, we’re getting old!!)

The following platforms make it easy to find a place to rest your head, and some provide opportunities to add value to other aspects of your trip like flights, tours, and car rentals.

With features that allow for easy comparison and secure bookings, the process of finding a room is now more straightforward than ever. Travelers can rest assured that they’re getting great value accommodations without breaking the bank.

If you want more information and tips for booking flights, head over to our Accommodation Travel Resources here.

WayAway Plus – Hotel Deals with Cashback at Your Fingertips

These days, we predominantly use the WayAway (PLUS)  app to book our accommodation when we’re not camping or house-sitting.

Not only do we get some of the lowest prices available, but we also have the enticing prospect of cashback rewards.

This innovative app works directly with to present a selection of accommodations ranging from budget-friendly rooms to luxurious suites.

We log in via the app to our account, and, as Genius III members, we receive all the discounts and upgrade perks we normally would but then get up to 20% additional cashback on the booking.

You can see our cumulative total for this membership year on this page. Notice that most of the cashback is for accommodation. I’ve also added a unique column for the savings we make even without the cashback, and any additional free upgrades in the far right column.

For spontaneous travelers like us, finding a hotel or apartment becomes a stress-free experience with WayAway Plus.

With real-time availability and exclusive offers, we can book our stay confidently, knowing we’re getting the best deal. Even when making urgent reservations like having to find a hotel tonight, the app usually finds excellent prices.

The app’s interface is intuitive, making it simple to navigate through options, finalize bookings, and track cashback earnings all in one place.

As mentioned above:

I’ve done a full review of WayAway (both free and paid.)

They have a free, no-risk 7-day trial for WayAwayPlus if you want to try it out before committing.

and I have a guide on how to get the most from the free trial HERE.

And here’s a 55% Discount Code – A Vast Selection of Lodging Options

Even if you decide not to use WayAway, stands out as the largest digital accommodation marketplace, offering (tens of) millions of lodging choices, from luxurious hotels and apartments to quaint bed-and-breakfasts, cheap guesthouses, and hostels.

The intuitive app (and website) allows you to effortlessly browse through a multitude of options to find the perfect place to rest, regardless of your destination or budget.

The site’s user-friendly filters simplify the search process and allow you to quickly narrow down the choices based on personal preferences such as location, price, inclusions, and facilities. It then displays detailed descriptions, photos, and user reviews to assist you in making informed decisions.

Their Genius reward program means the more you use it, the bigger your discounts and perks will be.

With 24/7 customer support and the ability to book on the go, ensures that securing your ideal accommodation is as simple as a few clicks, whether planning months in advance or looking for last-minute deals.

They also have regular deals offering even more value, which I post on our Great Deals page.

Agoda – Same,Same, but Different

Occasionally, WayAway (e.g., doesn’t have what we want. In those situations, the Agoda app is our second “go-to” when looking for a room.

This app is especially useful in Asia, where, despite not having as many rooms worldwide as, they dominate particular destinations.

Beware – While they sometimes seem to offer huge discounts with special deals, their somewhat deceptive (I think) booking process often erodes those purported savings when you pay the final price.

Bottom line – Agoda is a good backup to WayAway Plus ( when we need an alternative.

You can get the app on both the Google Play and App Stores, but if you go to their website, a little popup in the bottom right corner will hassle you until you download it.

Hostelworld – Connecting You to Budget-Friendly Hostels

It’s been a looooong time since we stayed in a hostel. However, we used Hostelworld for many years before we got old and crotchety.

Hostelworld is the go-to platform for solo travelers and backpackers seeking budget-friendly lodging without sacrificing social experiences. The app specializes in connecting users to a global network of hostels, offering a unique opportunity to meet fellow adventurers worldwide.

With detailed listings that include ratings, photographs, and reviews, you can easily select the place that best fits your travel style and preferences and then book your hostel.

From bustling city centers to serene countryside locations, Hostelworld showcases a variety of hostels that cater to different tastes and budgets.

The booking process is streamlined, and features enable users to manage reservations, connect with new friends, and even join group activities. This ensures a vibrant and engaging travel experience while keeping expenses low.

You can download the app from the Hostelworld website.

Screenshot of Airbnb homepage

Airbnb – Home Rentals for Every Traveler

We used Airbnb A LOT before we started house and pet sitting.  But, when hosts started adding all sorts of crazy cleaning fees and rules, and hotel rooms and guesthouses became better value again, we reverted back to traditional travel accommodation.

And, occasionally, when we can’t find what we’re looking for on WayAway or Agoda, this is the next option on the list.

Experiencing the comfort of home while exploring the best places around the globe is what makes Airbnb a top choice for accommodation for many people.

Having moved away from the early concept of renting a spare room in someone’s home, Airbnb now offers unique living spaces for almost every kind of traveler.

With options ranging from single rooms to entire estates, the platform caters to solo adventures, family vacations, and everything in between.

Have a snoop around the platform, and you’ll find everything from tents in a field and rustic mountain cabins to 6-start luxury homes and glitzy apartments in city centers.

They also have a long-stay option now, which makes it an attractive platform for digital nomads and full-time slow travelers.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to filter searches by location, amenities, and price range, ensuring a stay that fits your needs and budget.

Airbnb has both Android and ISO apps.

Picture of planes parked at an airport

Flight Management on the Go

Booking cheap flights, staying on top of flight schedules, and managing travel plans has never been easier, thanks to modern technology.

Gone are the days when we had to trawl “bucket-shops” or travel agents to snag cheap flights.

Today’s savvy travelers can rely on a suite of apps to book flights, and keep their flight information accessible and organized.

These tools help minimize travel stress and provide real-time updates, ensuring that you can react swiftly to any changes or delays.

With functionalities that range from booking flights to tracking departures and arrivals, these apps are the ultimate companions for air travel. They provide convenience and give travelers information and control over their journey, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable flying experience.

If you want more tips for booking flights, head over to our Flight Travel Resources here.

WayAway Plus – Find the Cheapest Flights plus Cashback

We typically start looking for flights through our WayAway PLUS app. I don’t always book the flight through them, but I find the way they present options to be intuitive, and the prices are usually as cheap or slightly cheaper than other platforms or the airlines themselves. Especially once the cashback is refunded.

They have a FREE version and a “PLUS ” membership.

I won’t go into all the details here – but as mentioned above, the app’s interface is intuitive, making it simple to navigate through options, finalize bookings, and track cashback earnings all in one place.

I’ve done a full review of WayAway (both free and paid.)

They have a free, no-risk 7-day trial for WayAwayPlus if you want to try it out before committing.

and I have a guide on how to get the most from the free trial HERE.

And here’s a 55% Discount Code

Skyscanner – Searching for the Best Flight Deals

Our second choice when looking for flights is Skyscanner which has established itself as a trusted resource for finding the best flight deals.

With its comprehensive mobile app, travelers can search and compare prices from hundreds of airlines and booking sites, ensuring they secure excellent options for their budget and schedule. The app’s intuitive design and easy navigation make it a breeze for travelers to plan their air travel efficiently.

Users can set up alerts for price changes, view the cheapest dates to fly with the calendar feature, and even explore potential destinations based on their budget. Skyscanner’s commitment to providing a user-friendly experience and transparent pricing helps take the guesswork out of booking flights, making it a reliable ally for all types of travelers.

You can find their app on this page.

A screenshot of the flightconnections page

FlightConnections – Discover ALL the Possibilities

This is a new app we’ve discovered quite recently provides an overview of all flight routes worldwide. That means you can discover airline routes and flight schedules globally and then compare direct flights or connecting flights to find new possibilities.

So let me repeat that—using the app allows you to find ALL scheduled flights from ALL airports worldwide. From experience, that will include airlines you’ve never heard of because they don’t appear on even the most inclusive flight booking platforms.

But how does that help?

Well, if you play around with the filters, the app identifies routes that you might not have considered.

For example – We need to get from Bangkok to London in June. We have about a week to get there. the cheapest flight we can find on the usual booking platforms goes via Shanghai. It takes 20 hours, and one of those legs is over 13 hours. Tim doesn’t want to sit in a plane for that long.

So I used the Flight Connections filters to identify routes with one or two layovers. It comes up with some interesting options like via Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, Astana in Kazakhstan, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and a few others, some of which we’ve yet to explore (the cities, that are. We have been to most of the countries previously on our Silk Route adventure.)

Then I looked at direct flights from Bangkok – ALL of them. It came up with a few other gems like Reunion Island, Kuwait and Bahrain

I can now go away and explore different options that will give us two or three shorter hops where we get to explore places we’ve not yet been. has both a free and paid Pro version of the app and website. The free version has basic (but very helpful) functionality.

Or, for just 2.99 USD/month (at the moment (using code: 2024 APR 50% OFF,) you get a bunch of extra functionality, including whole country searches, a full year of flight schedules, and better map views. If you find it of use you can upgrade to a lifetime plan, where you’ll be ahead within a couple of years.

We joined up for a year because I think just one unusual flight route where we either save money or see something interesting will be well and truly worth it.

A screenshot of the flightaware homepage

FlightAware – Real-Time Flight Tracking

FlightAware is another free app we use frequently. It allows travelers to track flights in real time with precision and ease.

The app tracks each phase of a flight’s journey, from takeoff to landing, providing peace of mind and valuable information for those awaiting arrival or planning their departure.

You get up-to-the-minute updates on flight delays, gate changes, and cancellations keeping you well-informed and ready to adapt to any travel hiccups.

With features like weather conditions and personalized settings and alerts in ‘My FlightAware’ for aircraft, airports, and flights, FlightAware is definitely one of the better flight tracking tools.

One of the main uses we have is for our house and pet-sitting gigs. Even without a flight number, we can usually deduce which flight a homeowner is on and track their progress so we can plan our departure

It’s free as long as you don’t mind a few ads. If you want to remove them, it will cost you 8.99 USD/year.

An airport lounge

Airport Lounge Access

I’ve added these two apps for budget travelers like us who occasionally want or need a bit of relaxation and pampering on a long layover.

These two apps are especially useful for those who fly economy with whatever airline has the best offer at the time—not with any one alliance, first or business class—and don’t have a special credit card that grants them airport lounge access. 

Full disclosure – We have yet to use an airport lounge, although we’ve been sorely tempted at times. I HAVE crunched the numbers, and it really doesn’t make sense for us unless we get to consume A LOT of food and drinks and, in the case of Priority Pass, use at least 3 to four lounges a year.

A screnshot of the loungebuddy homepage

LoungeBuddy – Airport Lounge Access Simplified

LoungeBuddy simplifies the process of finding and accessing airport lounges worldwide. The app tells users which lounges they can access based on their flight details, memberships, or credit cards. It also provides the option to purchase one-time lounge passes directly through the app. So, depending on where you’re traveling, it could open up a world of comfort and relaxation, regardless of your airline or ticket class.

At the moment, there is only an iOS app (download link on their homepage)—no Android access—but you can still use their website.

Another drawback is that LoungeBuddy is owned by American Express. And, you guessed it, you can only pay with AMEX. Does anyone actually use them anymore???

I find all those restrictions a bit much. So, if you travel often, want to access airport lounges several times a year, are an Android user, and prefer NOT to use AMEX, the next app might be a better option.

Do you use LoungBuddy? Let us know how well it works for you.

Priority Pass – A Better Alternative for Airport Loung Access?

Priority Pass‘ main customer demographic are travelers who want to access independent airport lounges worldwide. It works on a different model to LoungeBuddy.

Instead of purchasing one-off passes, you pay a yearly fee. They have three tiers for  – occasional, regular, and frequent travelers, starting at 99 USD per year.

Once you’ve joined, you get the following benefits:

  • Access to 1,500+ airport lounges and experiences worldwide. The membership level you choose governs how many free visits you get before paying a fee of $35 USD for access. (You can also invite guests for $35 each)
  • Complimentary refreshments and light bites (this MIGHT save you a LOT if you have a long layove in an expensive airport.)
  • Free Wi-Fi and handy charging points in most lounges
  • Comfortable seats and quiet spaces to work or unwind
  • Conference rooms, showers, and other facilities in selected lounges
  • Access to exclusive retail, dining, spa, and sleeping options in selected airports

All of this is subject to availability at the time you arrive. If you want to be sure, you can pay a small fee to book online. You can book yourself and up to four guests for a small fee.

Note: there are still terms and conditions for entry that you must comply with for entry – having your payment card and/or Digital pass available, specific lounge dress codes

The Priority Pass app gives you access to your Digital Membership Card, airport maps, and a host of other digital features to enrich your airport experience. It also provides 24/7 customer support 365 days a year.

They’ve also had deals with many airport restaurants, accommodations at some airports, AVIS Car rental, and more. (None of which appeal to us but might do for you.)

So. I did a quick calculation and worked out that on the bottom tier (99 USD); we would need to visit AT LEAST 3 or 4 airport expensive lounges (i.e. (2×3 = 6 to 2 x 4 =8 individual visits) in the year to make our membership fee back.

But that might be perfect if you are headed out on a world tour with quite a few flights with layovers. Plenty of people obviously find it useful or they wouldn’t be still in business after all these years.

The next level up (329 USD) gives you ten free visits, but your guest (ie. spouse) would still have to pay $35 USD per visit.

Note: You may already have Priority Passaccess as part of your credit card perks. Check those and enroll in the program before you lay out any cash to join.

Some local trams

Transport Apps for Getting Around

In an era where convenience is king, transport apps have become indispensable tools for navigating locations worldwide.

These apps provide real-time information on various modes of transportation, including ridesharing services, public transit, and rental options, making urban mobility more accessible and efficient than ever before.

With the tap of a button, we can summon a ride without haggling with taxi drivers, book a train, bus or ferry ticket without lining up for hours, or even rent a bicyle.  Transport apps are definitely one of the best improvements we’ve seen over the decades, streamlining our travel experience and giving us the flexibility to explore destinations at their own pace.

Integrating these services into everyday travel has transformed how we move, offering a level of convenience that was once unimaginable.

I’ve only added the generic apps to this section. Each city/country tends to have its own. We add those in the relevant destination as we create that content.

You can find more information and tips on our Transport Travel Resources Page.

A picture showing someone accessing lyft on their phone

Ridesharing Apps – Uber, Grab, Bolt, Ola, Careem and more

Ridesharing apps like Uber, Grab, Bolt, and Ola have revolutionized urban transportation, providing reliable and convenient transportation options.

Gone are the days of haggling with drivers or being taken on a wild goose chase to increase the metered fare. They also bridge the language barrier in destinations where English is rare.

These apps connect riders with drivers in just a few taps, offering a relaxing and convenient alternative to traditional taxi services. With their extensive coverage, users can find rides in a multitude of cities and locations around the world, making them essential for both local commutes and travel abroad.

The apps offer transparent pricing, estimated arrival times, and the ability to track your ride’s approach in real-time.

They also provide various vehicle options to suit different needs, from economical shared rides to more luxurious private cars. Ridesharing apps have not only made transportation more accessible but also contributed to a more connected and mobile world.

Many airports now have dedicated areas for ride-sharing companies; I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to walk straight past the babbling scam artists and aggressive taxi touts at the airport, knowing you can get a comfortable ride at a fair price and go the most direct route.

We have a fairly comprehensive list of ride-sharing apps for various regions on our Transport Resources page in section 1, under the ‘Ridesharing and Taxis’ tab.

A swiss Train going through the mountains

Book Transport – 12Go, Trainline, FlixBus, BusBud and Rail Europe

When it comes to booking long-distance travel across different modes of transportation, platforms like 12Go, Trainline, FlixBus, BusBud, and Rail Europe have become invaluable resources for us.

These services aggregate schedules and ticketing options for trains, buses, and ferries, giving travelers a comprehensive view of available routes and connections.

Users can compare prices, book tickets, and even manage their itineraries all within these intuitive platforms.

For those planning a European adventure, Rail Europe provides a seamless way to explore the continent by train, while FlixBus offers an extensive network of bus routes in both Europe and the USA. On some routes, FlixBus will hook your bike to the back, which has saved our bacon several times.

12Go excels in Asian travel, and Trainline is a one-stop-shop for UK and select European trains.

Trainline and Rail Europe are also excellent for buying various Rail Passes that can save you heaps over buying indivdual tickets.

BusBud is a similar app to 12Go, but more useful in North America than in Asia.

These platforms ensure that booking transport, whether for a scenic train journey or a budget-friendly bus ride, is straightforward and efficient.

All have easy-to-use websites and apps. But I have to admit, I prefer using the desktop for my ‘deep’ planning and initial bookings.

You can access all these options and more on our Transport Resource Page.

A lot of books

Books On The Go Without The Kilos

I remember the days when a hard copy book was an indispensable part of our luggage, and book exchanges were a common site in all the backpacker haunts. With the arrival of ebooks, many of these have gone by the wayside. And with baggage fees on budget airlines, who wants to add a couple more kilos to your load.

Thankfully, for book lovers who travel, carrying a stack of paperbacks is no longer necessary. 

Digital solutions now allow travelers to carry entire libraries in their pockets, providing access to thousands of books without the weight. Whether it’s for leisurely beach reading or educational purposes, these platforms make it easy to enjoy literature on the go.

Reading apps and e-book subscriptions have revolutionized how we consume literature while traveling. They offer the ability to download titles for offline reading, customize text size and background colors for comfortable viewing, and even listen to audiobooks when on the move. This convenience has made it easier than ever for travelers to indulge in their love of reading, wherever their adventures may take them.

A picture of headphones that you could use to listen to an audio book


Audible brings the joy of storytelling to travelers through its vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken-word content. With Audible, users can immerse themselves in novels, biographies, self-help guides, and more, all while keeping their hands free and their luggage light. It’s a fantastic way to pass the time during long flights or layovers, turning travel downtime into an enriching literary experience.

The service allows users to download content for offline listening, making it accessible even when Wi-Fi is out of reach. Personalized recommendations and customizable listening speeds enhance the experience, ensuring that users can find and enjoy content that suits their interests and listening preferences. Audible has truly transformed how adventurers experience books on the go, making it a staple for any traveler’s app collection.

The bonus with Audible is that you don’t have to carry a tablet or e-reader to access the content comfortably. (some of you might be able to read a book on your phone, but I certainly find it difficult.)

Audible offers a no-risk, 1-month free trial.So, if you’ve not tried listening to books yet, why not take advantage and give it a whirl?

I did and really enjoyed the experience. I’ll write up a full review soon(ish)

A screnshot of the KDP Unlimited page on Amazon

KDP Unlimited

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Unlimited offers a vast library of e-books, encompassing various genres and authors, delivering a portable and diverse reading experience for travelers.

Subscribers have the freedom to explore new titles, timeless classics, and hidden gems without the worry of exceeding their luggage allowance. It’s a digital haven for readers looking to expand their horizons while on the move.

With KDP Unlimited, access to books is uninterrupted, allowing users to read whenever and wherever they choose. The convenience of syncing progress across devices means that one can start reading on a phone and pick up where they left off on a tablet or Kindle device. KDP Unlimited is an essential tool for travelers who devour books, offering a world of literature at their fingertips.

Like Audible, KDP Unlimited offers a no-risk, one-month free trial. So why not give it a go?

A picture showing different languages

Language Barriers Solved

Gone are the days when Marcel Marceau’s miming skills were required to communicate with those who didn’t speak your language.

As fun (and funny) as it was sometimes, we are eternally grateful for technological advances in this area.

Travel in 2024 has become more seamless, with many translation apps breaking down the language barriers that once challenged globetrotters. 

With the touch of a button, we can now converse in dozens of languages, easing communication and enriching cultural exchanges. These essential tools help bridge gaps, allowing for more authentic connections and experiences abroad.

From ordering in local restaurants to asking for directions, overcoming the language divide is now a cinch. This enhances our travels immensely, making them far more enjoyable and way less daunting.

The following apps are at the forefront of this ‘linguistic revolution’, ensuring that language differences are no longer an impediment to exploration.

A screenshot of Google Translate

Google Translate – Communication Without Boundaries

Google Translate is at the forefront of overcoming language obstacles, offering instant translations between numerous languages.

It facilitates real-time conversation with features like voice recognition and camera translation, allowing seamless communication from one language to another.

We find it absolutely indispensable for navigating menus, signs, and local dialogues.

And it’s continually improving.

In our experience, some of the Vietnamese translations in the early days were downright hysterical. But nowadays, they’re pretty damn good and Google Translate is now a reliable companion for visitors to Vietnam. The same goes for many other countries

So, whether it’s a quick question on the street or a basic conversation, Google Translate is a must-have app for bridging the language gap and fostering understanding and connections worldwide.

And one of the best things about Google Translate is that it’s FREE! Download it here.

A screenshot of Google lens translating chinese to English on a shop sign

Google Lens

Google Lens is another of our favorites and has transformed the way we interact with our surroundings. The app provides instant information and translations by simply pointing a smartphone camera at text, signs, or objects. This visual translation tool is particularly useful for deciphering menus, street signs, and information boards, contributing to a stress-free travel experience.

Whether it’s learning about a landmark or translating a local phrase, Google Lens is a powerful ally in any traveler’s pocket.

Like most of Google’s suite of tools, Google Lens is FREE! Download the app.

A screenshot of the Duolingo website

Duolingo – Learn Languages While Traveling

Duolingo has gamified language learning, making it both fun and effective for travelers. The app keeps users engaged and motivated to expand their language skills by turning lessons into bite-sized challenges. Integrated with Google Translate, it provides an accessible way to practice and improve language proficiency while abroad.

It’s ideal for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the local language, offering courses in many languages.

Whether it’s brushing up on basics or advancing to more complex sentences, Duolingo tailors the experience to individual learning speeds and styles. Download the apps from their homepage.

A screenshot of the Drops Language homepage

Drops – Language Learning Made Fun

Drops take a visual approach to language learning, associating words with pictures to improve retention and recall.

The focus is on vocabulary building through quick, five-minute sessions, so fits perfectly into a traveler’s busy schedule. With playful interactions and a colorful interface, Drops makes learning a new language less intimidating and more accessible.

Language learners can choose from a diverse selection of languages and topics, ensuring that the vocabulary is relevant to their travel needs. Whether it’s learning food-related terms or phrases for navigation, Drops provides the foundation for confident communication while on the move.

The free version of Drops gives you five minutes a day, with the opportunity to earn more time by completing milestones and viewing advertisements. I’ve learned a little Icelandic, Hindi, Russian, and brushed up on my Spanish using the free version.

Paid versions of Drops that offer full access to all the lessons vary in price depending on the number of languages you want to subscribe to, and the time period.

They are always having special deals with reductions of 50–60% or more, so there’s no need to pay full price if you decide you want to study a language more comprehensively.

You can download the app from their homepage.

A picture of someone doing some online banking

Secure and Accessible Finances

Managing finances while traveling through many countries can be complex, but with the right apps, it becomes far easier.

Today’s savvy travelers (like us 🙂 ) rely on digital tools to handle transactions and deal with multiple currencies effortlessly. This ensures financial security and provides convenience and peace of mind on our international adventures.

By leveraging these financial apps, we can avoid excessive fees, stay on budget, and make the most of our travel funds.

The following apps are essential for anyone looking to manage their money smartly while exploring the world. I’ve added the ones we currently use, plus a couple of alternatives you might want to consider as either a back up, or additional source of funds.

For more information and tips, head over to our Travel Money Resource Page.

Wise – Cost-Effective International Transactions

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is our main money app and one of the 10 best apps on this list.

It offers an economical solution for international money transfers and currency exchange. Its transparent fee structure and real exchange rates help us save money when transferring our funds across borders.

The app also provides a multi-currency account, making managing money in different currencies easier. This is a godsend for us as we are always on the move.

For example, I can transact daily in Vietnamese Dong while transferring Philippino Pesos to a guesthouse in Palawan for our upcoming trip and receiving AUD, Euros, and USD from clients. All with minimal fees and an excellent exchange rate.

This app has saved us thousands in fees over the years, especially when requiring less mainstream currencies like Bangladeshi Taka, Malaysian Ringitt, Pakistani Rupee, and Thai Baht.

Their Visa debit card is accepted (pretty much) worldwide and provides access to local currency at ATMs.

Wise has multiple 2-factor authentication (2FA) methods, ensuring your funds remain secure. This is great for us as SMS alerts used by many financial institutions do not work at all for us as we change SIM cards regularly as we move countries.

With Wise, you can focus on your adventure without worrying about hidden fees or unfavorable exchange rates.

I wrote a full review of how Wise saved us thousands in this article, which I will update with our more recent experiences soon(ish). Spoiler Alert – We’ve saved even more since then.

Opening a Wise account is FREE, so there’s absolutely no reason not to open one before your next overseas trip.

If you sign up through this link, your first inter-currency transfer will be fee-free (up to the equivalent of ~ $1000 AUD.)

XE Currency Converter – Stay Updated with Exchange Rates

XE Currency Converter is another tool for travelers needing to deal with multiple currencies.

It provides up-to-date exchange rate information, helping users make informed decisions when exchanging money. The app also features historical rate charts, allowing travelers to observe trends and plan the best time to exchange funds.

With its user-friendly interface, XE makes it simple to calculate prices in a foreign currency, ensuring you are always aware of how much they are spending. This helps prevent overspending and keeps travel budgets in check while abroad.

We used’s predecessor, Hi-FX, when transferring money to our British captain for our Caribbean Sailing adventure back in 2015. It saved us loads of money then, so I have no reason to believe their fees or exchange rates wouldn’t provide a good deal now.

If I had to transfer a large amount of funds in another currency, say for a tour or accommodation, I would check both the rates and fees offered by both XE and Wise and then use the most competitive at the time.

Next time WE have to do a big transfer I will do a complete analysis and update this blog.

You can find the apps on this page

A screenshot of the revolut website


Revolut is an international money app that allows users to send money across 160+ countries, exchange 36 currencies, and even get paid with direct deposits.

Their latest marketing spiel says they have over 40 million customers globally, and make financial transactions seamless and secure, offering features like two-factor authentication and real-time notifications for peace of mind.

It’s definitely one of the go-to apps for modern money management while traveling.

Revolut is probably Wise’s closest competitor. The only reason we haven’t used it is because we are so happy with Wise. however, many savvy long-term travelers and digital nomads do.

Like Wise, it’s also free to open an account with Revolut.

A picture of the PayPal logo

PayPal – Seamless Money Transfers

Despite my frustration with PayPal sometimes, we still keep an account with them. The main reason is that some clients and organizations we deal with (like WayAway!) don’t provide another payment option.

And, PayPal remains one of the most used solutions for seamless online payments and money transfers while traveling. Its widespread acceptance and ease of use make it a favorite with some people for booking accommodations and experiences and even sending money to friends and family.

The app’s security features provide adequate protection against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Like all of the options above, it’s free to open a PayPal account. You can download the app here.

Picture of a stereotypical hacker

Staying Connected Across Borders (Safely)

In a world more interconnected than ever, staying in touch while traveling is crucial for both safety and socializing.

Travelers require safe and reliable communication and organizational tools that work across different countries without incurring exorbitant costs.

The apps below ensure that no matter where you roam, connection with loved ones, business associates, and new acquaintances is just a tap away.

With the first few apps, you can safely share your experiences, navigate foreign lands, and remain accessible, making the journey more enjoyable and secure.

The last two help us organize, secure, and maintain access to all your important documents and passwords.

See more info and tips on our Staying Connected Resource Page.

A screenshot of the WhatsApp website

WhatsApp – Universal Messaging and Calls

WhatsApp has become a universal tool for messaging and calls, connecting travelers with people worldwide. Its end-to-end encryption ensures that conversations remain private, while features like group chats and video calls make it easy to connect with multiple contacts simultaneously. Whether it’s sending photos of a new destination or arranging meet-ups, WhatsApp is an indispensable communication resource.

Available across various devices and platforms, WhatsApp facilitates communication without needing expensive international plans, relying instead on Wi-Fi or data connections. This makes it a cost-effective choice for international travelers seeking to keep in touch.

We use WhatsApp to connect with homeowners regarding house and petsits, other travelers, and some friends and family who prefer not to correspond on Facebook Messenger.

You can download the app on this page.

AirAlo- Affordable International Calling

If it wasn’t for the fact that our ancient phones won’t accept an eSIM, we would have used AirAlo extensively over the last few years. It would have got us out of so many pickles (which you can read about here.)

AirAlo revolutionizes the way travelers stay connected. With this innovative app, users can effortlessly purchase eSIMs for seamless connectivity in over 200 countries. The app offers a variety of prepaid local, regional, and global eSIM plans, ensuring affordable rates without hidden fees. AirAlo’s user-friendly platform allows for easy management and top-up of eSIMs, making international travel hassle-free and keeping you connected like a local wherever you go.

AirAlo has regular promotions offering substantial discounts. You can find the latest PROMO codes on our Great Deals page.

A screenshot of the norton website

Norton VPN – Secure Internet Anywhere

We use Norton Security Suite (and app) on all our devices to keep them safe and optimized. One of the most useful features is the VPN. There are loads of similar products on the market. I don’t pretend to know which is the best VPN, but Norton has served us well over the years.

Norton VPN provides travelers with secure internet access, regardless of their location. By creating a private network from a public internet connection, it ensures that your personal data is protected from prying eyes. This is especially important when accessing sensitive information such as bank accounts or private communications over public Wi-Fi networks.

The VPN also allows users to circumvent geographic restrictions, granting access to content and services that may be unavailable in certain countries. With Norton VPN, you can browse confidently, knowing your online activities are secure and private.

Norton also has a product called Lifelock, which monitors all your systems to prevent identity fraud and provides recovery mechanisms and insurance should the worst happen.

We have had several recent incidents of accounts being compromised. Our systems have picked this up instantly, and we’ve stopped the scammers and revoered our funds. But the bad guys are getting smarter and smarter, so it’s important to continue to update and adapt your security and protection.

Nord VPN

If you don’t want to install Norton for some reason,NordVPN features and pricing here is another VPN provider with an excellent reputation, appearing on many of the 10 best VPN lists.

NordVPN is designed to protect your online privacy by encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP address. They have over 5400 servers worldwide, providing freedom and safety on the internet and public Wi-Fi, blocking threats, and ensuring data protection.

NordVPN is user-friendly and supports a wide range of devices and platforms for seamless digital security.

You take a look at the NordVPN features and pricing here.

A picture showing the Dropbox logo

For travelers, Dropbox addresses the critical need for secure document storage and easy access.

It eliminates the worry of losing important documents like passports or itineraries, which can be stored digitally and accessed from anywhere. This is especially useful in areas with limited internet access, as Dropbox allows for offline access to marked favorites.

Several times I’ve been able to pull up important documents on the spot from the Dropbox App, which has saved me a lot of time and inconvenience.

Moreover, shared folders make coordinating travel plans with companions seamless.

Dropbox has a free version offering a generous 2GB of free storage. And if you use this link to join you’ll get another 500 MB

But if, like us, you want to back up your laptop and photos and still have access when needed, a paid version is available.

I especially like “Selective Sync,” which allows me to have my working files on my computer and then remove them when I’ve finished. They can still be accessed from DropBox should I need them.


A screenshot of the Dashlane password manager website

Travelers often face the challenge of managing numerous passwords while on the go. A password manager is an essential tool for secure and convenient access to their online accounts.

I have literally hundreds of passwords. There’s no way I could remember them all, and having one across all accounts is a huge security risk.

We use Dashlane’s password manager to ensure we have easy access to our passwords (and secure notes) across multiple devices.

The app is bolstered by strong encryption and two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Note to scammers: Even with this enhanced security, I am still not that trusting. I retain all our banking passwords between my ears and have 2FA on everything. But that’s a story for another day.

Hopefully our small investment in Dashlane will prevent costly incidents such as data breaches or identity theft, leading to significant financial losses.

By safeguarding our digital information, we can enjoy peace of mind and focus on our adventures.

A screenshot of the Equal Eats Website

Apps to Protect Your Health & Safety

Equal Eats – Saving Lives

I only recently discovered Equal Eats when helping out a friend who has a seafood allergy and is nervous about traveling to Vietnam.

The Equal Eats app is essential for travelers with dietary restrictions because it helps them communicate dietary needs in foreign languages.

If you are only going to one place, you could buy one of their digital self-printing cards – print one or more copies and laminate them to take with you. 

But if you are traveling to more than one company, a subscription to the app is a far better option.

With the ability to create personalized allergy cards in multiple languages, the app ensures that travelers can convey their dietary requirements clearly, reducing the risk of allergic reactions or health complications.

This clarity not only prevents potential medical emergencies, which can be costly and life-threatening but also provides peace of mind, allowing travelers to enjoy their experiences without worrying about dietary mishaps.

You can subscribe to the app for just a month OR for not much more, a whole year.

And if you use the discount code: COTB10, you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

A picture of travel friends on the beach at sunset

Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Exploring new places is about more than just seeing the sights; it’s about engaging with the culture and connecting with locals. With the right apps, travelers can enhance their experience by easily finding events, activities, and like-minded people. 

I’ve added the apps below, which are designed to bring depth and authenticity to your journey and create memorable and meaningful moments.

A screenshot of the MeetUp website

Meetup – Connecting with Locals and Events

Meetup is a free platform that thrives on bringing people together, making it an excellent resource for travelers looking to join local events or meet new friends. This app encourages travelers to leave their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the community.

From language exchanges to hiking groups, Meetup offers a wide range of activities that cater to diverse interests.

When you sign up, you set your location and interests, and what you are looking for (E.g., Making new friends, practicing a hobby, socializing, etc.). The system then lets you know what events are happening that might match. Events are both in-person and online.

If nothing floats your boat, you can also search for events by location and interest, ensuring you can find something that resonates with your passions.

Meetup is all about creating opportunities for shared experiences and fostering connections that can last a lifetime.

Download the app

WeGoTrip – Audio Tours by Expert Locals

We make no bones about the fact we don’t like group tours all that much. I (Shazz) do loads of research about a new destination’s cultural, historical, and contemporary highlights and attractions to design an itinerary and walking tours before we go. It takes a lot of work.

Hence, there are times when I wish that someone would do all of that work for me. Enter stage right – WeGoTrip.

WeGoTrip is an app for booking audio excursions and tours in 35+ countries in different languages (mostly English).

All of the tours are created by professional tour guides and local experts. I looked at contributing our expertise, and the bar to entry and quality guidelines are pretty high.

Once you book an excursion on the app, you get instantaneous access, meaning you don’t have to rely on a tour guide or other members of a group to commence. It also means you can do a bit of homework beforehand so you can plan your day to get the most from it.

And, of course, the audio tours are much cheaper than in-person tours.

You can download the app from their homepage.

If you want more tips and information about tours, head over to our Tours and Tickets Resource Page.

A screenshot of the Warmshowers app – A Global Cycling Tour Support Network is a unique platform that connects touring cyclists worldwide, offering a sense of community and support unmatched by any other travel app.

Members can either host or be hosted, creating a network of trust and camaraderie. Hosts may offer anything from a tent space in a backyard and access to a bathroom to a bed in a spare room, laundry facilities, and all meals.

Warmshowers is more than just an app; it’s a global community that promotes cultural exchange and sustainable travel.

We have used Warmshowers extensively on our cycling tours in North America and Europe, and many of the hosts are still good friends.

It used to be free but now charges a yeraly or monthly subscription fee for the app. It’s a small price to pay for the incredible connections you make and the savings you make on accommodation.

The app’s functionality allows for easy host searching, even in areas with poor connectivity, ensuring that cyclists can find a place to stay wherever their journey takes them.

It has recently been updated and I will get to try out the new version on our next cycling tour this summer.

TrustedHousesitters - Got time to travel?

Trusted Housesitters – Home Sweet Home, Wherever You Roam

I struggled with where to put the Trusted Housesitters app as it plays such a huge role in our accommodation planning. but ultimately I decided to add it here as it adds so much to our travel experiences. we get to live like locals, with insider knowledge in some of the best destinations in the world in return for caring for pets and homes.

I (Shazz) do most of the searching and applying for suitable sits. And, because we’re on the move a lot, and you need to be quick to snag the best sits,  I almost exclusively use the app, rather than the desktop.

You can find out all about house and pet sitting on our resource page.

Or, you can skip that and join for free to try it out yourself.

Then, if you decide you want to move ahead, use our exclusive promo code: TRAVELBUG25 at the checkout to get 25% of the membership cost.

Stars and Galazies in the night sky

SkyView – Stargazing While Exploring New Places

We haven’t used Skyview on our devices, but we’ve been on trips with friends who do, and it’s incredible.

For night-sky enthusiasts, SkyView offers an extraordinary stargazing experience as you travel. You can identify constellations, satellites, and stars by simply pointing your device toward the heavens.

The app enhances night explorations, providing educational content and celestial navigation, making it a perfect companion for camping trip or romantic evening under the starry sky.

SkyView brings the cosmos to life with augmented reality (AR) technology, ensuring that the universe is just a tap away wherever you are in the world. Its user-friendly interface is ideal for both astronomy beginners and aficionados.

PRO TIP: You can use the app to tell which direction the sun will rise when camping. Use the info to park so you are least disturbed in the morning. Unless, of course, you want to see the sunrise.

Skyview has both a free version (Skyview LITE) and a paid app.

The Free version for Android is here

The Free IOS version is here

Weather radar

Preparing for All Weather Conditions

Rain, hail or shine?

No matter the destination, weather can impact travel plans significantly. That’s especially true for us when we’re on a bicycle tour.

Hence, a good weather app is vital when trip planning. 

A screenshot of the Accuweather website

While we’ve used several weather apps over the years, AccuWeather is our choice among the bunch

Accuweather delivers reliable and detailed hourly, daily, and longer-term weather forecasts to help travelers prepare for their journey. With regular precipitation updates and accurate wind profiles, it helps us stay one step ahead of Mother Nature. So, whether you’re packing for a sunny beach getaway, a snowy mountain retreat, or a cycle tour across America, AccuWeather can help.

Accuweather’s severe weather alerts are also indispensable for our safety, while its RealFeel® feature provides a more nuanced understanding of how the day’s weather will actually feel, helping us dress appropriately.

Access to global weather patterns and radar maps makes it an essential tool for any traveler’s digital arsenal.

Download the app here

Packing for travel

PackPoint -The Ultimate Travel Checklist

PackPoint is another app we haven’t used. That’s because we have our packing down to a fine art these days. However, it’s one of the most popular packing apps, so I thought it might be useful to some of you.

Ensuring you’ve packed everything needed for a trip can be daunting, but PackPoint simplifies the process. After inputting your destination, travel dates, and planned activities, PackPoint generates a personalized packing list. The app considers the weather forecast and includes essentials for different occasions, such as business meetings or outdoor adventures.

Moreover, PackPoint allows you to save your lists and share them with fellow travelers. This feature is a lifesaver for group trips, ensuring everyone is prepared without duplicating items. With PackPoint, you can focus more on the excitement of travel and less on the stress of preparation.

PackPoint has a free version and and a Premium version for about 4 USD that gets rid of the adds and allows you to customize your templates.

Also,  really handy feature is the ability to synch PackPoint with TripIt (see above) and autocreate your packing lists.

This app won the “Best Travel App” under Fodor’s list of Travel Tech & Gear in 2019, and has been featured in The Washington Post, LA Times, LifeHacker, and many other notable media brands, so it definitely has some credibility.

Download the app from their homepage

Picture of immigration in Europe

Travel Europe with Confidence

Schengen Calculator – Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

A Schengen Calculator is a must-have for travelers navigating the visa requirements within the European Schengen Area. It tracks the number of days spent in member countries and calculates the remaining days allowed under the 90/180 rule. This helps prevent accidental overstays, which can lead to fines or entry bans.

With a user-friendly interface, the Schengen Calculator takes the complexity out of managing travel dates. It’s an indispensable tool for long-term travelers, digital nomads, and anyone wanting to maximize their time within Europe’s.

There are quite a few apps available. We use this one on Android.

ISO Version

Friends taking a selfi at the color festival

Capturing Memories and Sharing Experiences

Sharing your travel experiences with others is not only fun and rewarding, it can also provide valuable insights for future journeys. Whether it’s discussing the best places to visit or offering tips on how to handle problems, engaging with fellow travelers enriches your understanding of the world and fosters a sense of community.

Your thoughts and stories can inspire and guide, while the wisdom gathered from others can shape your next adventure. In this connected age, we learn not just from our own experiences but from the collective knowledge of the global travel community.

We tend to share our travel experiences on Facebook and Instagram, as that’s where most of our friends, family, and followers hang out. We also add our adventures to this website, which is quite a bit of work. Hence, the last thing we need is another app for sharing out travels.

However, there is a plethora of apps available out there to record and share your trip. So, I’ve added a couple that have plenty of downloads and seem to have and are sharing your travel experiences with good reviews.

Screenshot of the Framey homepage

Framey – The Travel Companion That Remembers Every View

Framey is a relatively new image-based app for travelers who love to capture and share the best moments of their journeys. With features allowing you to document your travels through photos and notes, Framey seems to make it easy to keep a beautiful travel journal. The social aspect of the app enables you to connect with other travelers and gain inspiration for your next adventure.

Its intuitive design encourages users to explore new places and share those discoveries with a community of like-minded individuals.

If you do decide to take a look, pop a comment below and tell us what you think.

You can download the app on the Framey homepage.

A screenshot of the visited travel app

Visited App – Keep Track of Your Global Footprint

We’ve been to so many places before the dawn of the internet that it would take us a month of Sundays to accurately fill out an app like Visited.

But, for those who love to record their travel milestones, the Visited App offers a satisfying way to mark off countries and places as you explore them. The app provides a visual map of your travels, allowing you to see at a glance where you’ve been and where you’d like to go next. It’s an interactive way to remember your journeys and plan future ones.

The pro version of the Visited App unlocks additional features, such as customizing your map with different colors and pins, creating a unique and personalized representation of your travels.

I guess it’s not just an app; it’s a visual travel diary that grows with every trip.

You can download the app from their homepage.

Picture of apps on a phone including google Translate

Journey’s End: Reflecting on Your Travel Technology Companions

As your travels come to a close, reflecting on the digital tools that have made your experiences smoother and more enjoyable is worthwhile.

From finding the perfect hotel room to navigating public conveniences, apps have become integral to modern travel. (For better or worse!)

Travel technology has certainly revolutionized how we explore the world, and travel apps are now as essential as a good pair of walking shoes. 

They help us create memories, overcome challenges, and ensure that each journey is as efficient as it is enriching.

I’m always researching the best travel apps to download and trying those I think might be useful. But I think it’s also important to do a regular clean-out, or the options for performing a particular task can be overwhelming.

Evaluating which apps you either don’t use, have been superseded, or find inconvenient, difficult, or frustrating each trip and getting rid of them is as useful as finding new tools. 

With space on my phone at a premium, I regularly look at mine to work out what I can happily delete. 

Feedback on apps

Over to You…

There’s a huge list of travel apps on this list. But I won’t even try to pretend it’s the perfect collection. As with everything we do, we’re delighted when our readers highlight tips and tools we’ve overlooked. 

So if you have a favorite travel app that enhances any part of your travels, please let us know in the comments or send us a message. We’ll give it a whirl, and if it works for us, we’ll add it to the list with full attribution to you.

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