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Flights can be one of the most significant components of your travel costs. While we usually prefer to go overland, taking a flight is sometimes unavoidable.

On this page, you will find resources, tools, and links to help you:

      • Find the best value flights to any destination.
      • Prepare for your journey.
      • Stay comfortable during the flight.
      • Get help if you need it.

Section 1 – Provides a selection of resources, including links to our preferred booking engines, passenger rights, flight compensation, and more.

Section 2 – Links to our other posts and pages relevant to booking flights and flying.

Of course, resources such as websites, apps, and booking platforms, constantly evolve. We try to keep up, but please tell us if you know of products, services, and tools you think are superior to those mentioned. We’re always excited to learn about and test new things.

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Section 1 – Flights and Flying Resources

Our Favorite Flight Booking Platforms ATM.


  • WayAway – I’ve been booking (almost) exclusively with these guys since October 22. Our comprehensive review of the platform HERE. Discount Code for WayAway Plus HERE. And read our comprehensive article on how to Get The Most From Your WayAway Plus 7-day free trial before you join.
  • – We’ve booked several flights recently with these guys.  They have excellent online support if you need it. (I did. An actual human sorted things quickly.) My search started with WayAway, but this is the link if you want to go direct. I prefer to get the cashback plus the same prices by beginning the search with WayAway.
  • Other successful platforms I’ve used successfully are:

However, I’ve never had to access their customer support, so I’m unsure how good that is if something goes wrong.

I (Sharyn do ALL the bookings for our travelers.) I’m a bit old school and prefer to search and buy tickets on my laptop. However, we’ve constantly been moving this last trip, so that’s not been that easy.

Anyways, the only flight-booking app I’ve used recently is WayAway– I’ve been booking (almost) exclusively with these guys since October 22.  The app is easy to use and intuitive. The cheap prices and cashback are a bonus.

Our comprehensive review of the platform HERE. Discount Code for WayAway Plus HERE. And don’t forget to read our article on how to Get The Most From Your WayAway Plus 7-day free trial before you join.

Here is the link to the:

IOS app

Android App

We are not big into points hacking. It’s not such a big thing in Australia, and we aren’t typical consumers, so point-gathering isn’t all that easy. I try signing up for airline programs, but since we’re wed to none, it’s challenging to accrue a balance we can do anything with.

However, If you’re serious about travel hacking, many resources are available to help you master the art. Here are a few:

  1. The Points Guy: This site offers valuable insights and tips on maximizing travel rewards.
  2. View from the Wing – Another good site for information on points programs. 
  3. Australian Frequent Flyer: A good site for Australians. Basic membership is free and allows you to
    access loads of travel tips and frequent flyer program tips
  4. Point Hacks – This site has several helpful frequent flyer guides at the bottom of the home page.


Touch wood…we have NEVER had to battle an airline for compensation. And I hope we never do.

However, if your bookings are canceled or delayed, here are a couple of companies that can help.

Airhelp  – Since 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 10 million passengers understand their rights and receive up to €600 in compensation for delayed or canceled flights. All you need to do is to submit your flight details. If you are eligible, AirHelp will handle the claim process on your behalf for a 35% fee (50% if legal procedures are necessary)* (Note you can get Cashback on their fees if you join WayAway Plus.)

Compensair Compensair is a UK-based online service that helps air travelers receive up to €600 compensation from airlines in case of a flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding. Compensair handles all the paperwork, airline negotiations, and legal proceedings. The company works with all major airlines and operates on a “no win, no fee” basis, which is NICE!



Some countries require you to produce a ticket before issuing a visa or letting you in (or boarding the plane at your departure point!!!) If you’re traveling overland, which we often do, that’s a difficult task without fixed dates or the ability to book local buses, etc. In the past, we’ve had to sign statutory declarations to get into Taiwan, buy a business ticket to Miami to get into Guatemala and show bank statements to get into the UK. These days it’s different

The following companies will provide you with a flight ticket out of the country for a minimal fee.

Please be careful with this approach, as you are effectively lying to immigration officials. Proper due diligence is a must.

  • Onward Ticketa service that allows you to book a verified flight reservation for your visa application within a few seconds.
  • One Way Flyprovide genuine airline bookings and hotel reservations. Perfect solution for digital nomads and travelers who want to extend or apply for visas.
  • Best Onward Ticket – For $12 you buy a real flight ticket that is valid for 72 hours This ticket can be shown at check-in at the airport and at border controls and used for visa applications.
  • Onward Fly –  an exclusive flight ticket rental service that provides you with international flight tickets (travel itineraries) with your name on them to use as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad.

Section 2 – Relevant Posts & Pages

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