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Gone are the days when we could travel for weeks without needing power. When we left Australia in the mid-90s, we had no phones, computers, music players, portable speakers, or electric shavers. In fact, looking back, the only thing we needed power for was the element we carried to boil water for coffee, tea, soup, and noodles. Even the camera (we took slide film) took non-rechargeable batteries.

Fast forward to 2023, and we couldn’t survive these days without our smartphones, computer, watch/fit band, Tim’s shaver, GoPro, Digital Camera, a portable speaker, and everything else that comes with those – chargers, adapters, leads, and power bank. At least we don’t carry a drone yet, although we’ve met plenty of travelers who do.

This page is a work in progress. We aim to gather a range of information about electronics for travelers. (But we can’t hope to try everything out. So If you have any gear that you wouldn’t travel without, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll check it out.)

Section 1 – Provides resources and information on electronics and accessories commonly carried by travelers.

Section 2 – Links to other posts and pages relevant to electronics for travel.

The resources such as websites, products, and brands, change rapidly in this space.

We try to keep up, but please tell us if you know of products, services, ot tools you think are superior to those mentioned. We’re always excited to learn about and test new things. 

Section 1 – Accommodation Resources

Things to consider when considering which smartphone to take traveling

  • The number of SIM ports – Having 1 is a pain when swapping physical SIMs in and out.
  • eSIM compatibility – eSIMs solve a lot of the challenges of staying connected while traveling.
  • Network compatibility in destinations on your trip – neither of our phones is 5G compatible. It won’t be a problem for a while. Also, different networks work at different frequencies. A phone must be compatible with those to work.
  • Robustness – shockproof, waterproof etc.
  • Security features – remote tracking, wiping should it get stolen.

These websites provide regular updates on the best smartphones and tablets for travel.

Laptops for Travel

Things to consider when choosing a laptop for travel.

  • Weight
  • Robustness

These websites provide regular updates on the best laptops for travel.


  • Portable keyboard
  • Mouse

These websites provide regular updates on the best peripherals for travel.

Cameras & Videos

Considerations when buying a camera for travel

Considerations when buying a video for travel.


These websites provide regular updates on the best cameras and videos for travel.


Chargers & Adaptors





These websites provide regular updates on the best chargers and adaptors for travel.


What to consider when choosing a sound system for travel.

  • size/weight
  • robustness

Peripherals – Speakers, headphones, microphones

Access – Geoblockers on your music source (Spotify etc.)

These websites do regular revues of portable sound systems

GPS, Navigation, and Safety

GPS/Sat Nav – if Google Maps doesn’t cut it.

Safety Beacons – For when you really want to get away from it all.

These websites provide regular updates on the best navigation and safety devices for travel.



  • Size
  • Range
  • Quality

Safety & Security – How to find if your intended destination allows drones.

These websites provide regular updates on the best drones for travel.

Personal Care Electronics

Hair Dryers


These websites provide regular updates on the best personal electronics for travel.

Section 2 – Relevant Posts & Pages

 Coming soon:

    • 10 gadgets we can’t believe we traveled without.
    • Where to find the best travel gadgets 
    • What to consider when buying electronics for travel
    • What else would you like to know about electronics for travel? Leave a comment below, and we’ll try and find out. 

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