Burma (Myanmar)

So many happy memories from our trip to Myanmar in 2011. It seemed almost impossible to take a great picture. Colour, culture and character everywhere. At the time it was an extremely cheap country to visit. We spent far less than $500/week for both of us and that was living pretty well.

We’ve been hearing rumours that it’s far more expensive these days and infrastructure has yet to catch up with spiralling demand. Accommodation options are often full in high season and prices have increased significantly. It may be worthwhile checking out current reviews on Trip Advisor before setting your budget and matching it up against some of the better known tour companies that would guarantee beds and transport. There’s nothing worse than spending half your holiday trudging around looking for a suitable place to stay for the night.

Whatever way you choose to travel, Burma won’t disappoint. The sights, the people and the overall experience will create memories and pictures that will last a lifetime.