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Wedding Anniversary in Agra, India

Wedding Anniversary in Agra, India

Catch Our Travel Bug was created by us, Tim and Sharyn Nilsen, to share our passion for independent, budget travel. We have been travelling on and off for 24 years and have spent over 13 years on the road in total. We’ve touched down in 135 plus countries and travelled by almost every mode of transport possible. We usually travel by ourselves because we believe it gets us closer to the places we visit and the people who live there.  We do sometimes go with a group (as with our recent 9 month trip on an Overland truck in Africa) if it makes our journey cheaper and safer but still embraces the spirit of adventure.

One of out last big trips, riding bicycles across Australia, was inspired by a number of cyclists we met whilst travelling across Central Asia following the Silk Route. Physically, it was our greatest challenge yet, and the achievement has laid out a whole new spectrum of opportunities for future travels! We’ve since cycled from the Arctic circle to Budapest, spent 4 months learning how to sail in the Caribbean, toured Sri Lanka and Oman, and cycled the Northern Tier and parts of the West Coast of the USA.

When we’re not travelling we hang out in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. You can stay up to date on what’s happening there through our new website Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

In sharing our experience we hope to help others in their own journeys and inspire everyone to get out and explore some of the places we visit for themselves.

Hiking Todra Gorge - Morocco

Hiking Todra Gorge – Morocco – 2005

Onsen - IZU Peninsula - Japan 2010

Onsen – IZU Peninsula – Japan 2010

Making new Friends - Negros, Philipines

Making new Friends – Negros, Philipines 2011

Christmas in Rajastan - 2004

Christmas in Rajastan – 2004



9 Responses

  1. Michael Deakin says:

    I often wondered where you two would end up.
    Are you back in SEQ?

    • timshazz says:

      No. still travelling around the world. Currently in Vietnam but heading for India on Monday for a couple of months

  2. Paola e Bruno says:

    Hello Sharyn & Tim from Italy!
    We remember you with love!
    Ciao amici!!!

  3. Michael says:

    I like your website with all the nice photos from many countries that both of you have travelled. I wish that I can do that as well one day.

  4. Fascinating blog, Tim and Sharyn! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  5. helen says:

    Amazing experiences. I think I may have caught your bug!

  6. Kerry says:

    Well done Tim & Shazza
    Great site – a fabulous reference point for the travel hungry (and adventurous).

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