Memories Of India


These India pics bring back memories. Christmas 2003 we headed to New Delhi and spent three wonderful weeks with Intrepid Travel on their, Northern India Unplugged. The Basix format gave us just enough support to see everything we wanted in the three weeks and enough freedom to do our own thing when we wanted to.

When travelling to India all your senses are on overload. Sights, sounds, tastes,and smells engulf you every step of the way. That’s why these pictures (just a few of the hundreds) only tell part of the story.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get back to the rest of India but we were mightily impressed with the grandeur of Rajastan, the spectacle of Varansasi and the Majesty of Agra.A return visit is definitely high on our list of must do’s…

Intrepid Travel

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