North American Cycle Tour 2018

This year we decided to cycle on the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) Northern Tier Route. An epic route beginning in Bar Harbour, Maine and rolling across the US to its eventual end in Anacortes, Washington. However, as we have brought our bikes from England, it has been much easier and much less expensive to fly them to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and join the Northern Tier in Buffalo, New York.

As we have mentioned before, it’s not about distances, times, or even the bikes for us, it’s more about the experiences along the way and the people we meet. We have chosen this route because it takes us away from the larger towns and cities and leads us through less populated places where we won’t have to deal with lots of traffic and busy streets.

So, with no further adieu, join us and find out what it’s like to cycle across a continent and find adventure along the way!

Canada Part One – A Wild and Wintery Welcome

Canada Part Two – Off We Go, The Show’s on the Road

Canada Part Three – Great Lakes and Falls – South to the Border

America Part One – Stateside and Westward Bound

America Part Two – Lakeside We Ride

America Part Three – Warmshowers and Rock’n’Roll

America Part Four – A Delightful Detour

America Part Five – Cold, Wet and Defiant

America Part Six – Dirty Dogs and Wild Westerlies

America Part Seven – What Goes Around, Comes Around

America Part Eight – The Good Samaritans

America Part Nine – Hospitality and High Times in Henry

America Part Ten – The Missionary Position

America Part Eleven – Our Money’s No Good in Muscatine

America Part Twelve – Who Said Iowa is Flat?!

America Part Thirteen – Rolling on Down to the River

America Part Fourteen – In Search of Bald Eagles and Broad Shoulders

America Part Fifteen – Puffed Out in Prescott

America Part Sixteen – All The Way Down to Surlytown

America Part Seventeen – Wobegon in the Land of the Lakes

America Part Eighteen – The Amazing Ms Becky

America Part Nineteen – Fargo with Wet Tails

America Part Twenty – Dead Straight and Seriously Shadeless

America Part Twenty One – Dinosaurs on the Prairie

America Part Twenty Two – The Best Laid Plans …

America Part Twenty Three – The Rocky Mountain Way: Better than the Way We Had

America Part Twenty Four – On the Road to the Sun

America Part Tweny Five – Fortine: Unlucky for Some

America Part Twenty Six – So We Got Out of the Kitchen

America Part Twenty Seven – At Journey’s End: The Adventure Continues …