When we first wrote this page, we were “stuck” in Vietnam due to COVID-19. But seeing as Vietnam is one of our favorite countries in the world, it wasn’t too much of a cross to bear. The downtime from traveling gave us ample opportunity to reminisce about our past trips and experiences and write many of them up to share with you here.

We’ve gone through many phases during our 18-plus years of travel and like to mix things up so we don’t get bored. But when we boil it down, we can split our travels into four categories:

So, if you’re interested, you can read about our different adventures from the “Read More” links below or from the ‘Adventures’ menu at the top of this page.

Some links will lead you to multi-month transcontinental journeys, such as our Silk Road Adventure from Shanghai to Istanbul or overlanding through Africa. Others will lead to shorter trips around a single country, such as our road trip through Oman, ten weeks in Sri Lanka, and cycling the length of Vietnam.

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Bicycle touring in finland

Bicycle Touring

Want to know about bicycle touring? So far, we’ve done 5 big multi-month, self-sufficient cycling tours around the world. Head over to this page to read about our adventures cycling across Canada, the USA, Australia, Europe, and Vietnam.

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Al Hajor mountains, Oman

Road Trips

Hire a car, pack some camping gear, and hit the road. That’s how we roll when the distances are too far to cycle and public transport’s sparse. So far, we’ve explored Oman and parts of Canada and the USA.  Maps, tips, and lots of pictures.

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Bicycle touring in finland

Backpacking Trips

Pre-bicycles, we traveled with backpacks and explored over 100 countries. Many of those adventures were before the internet, and digital pics were a thing. But we’ve documented all of our more recent travels throughout Asia, the Silk Route, and parts of Africa without the truck, and we’ll slowly backfill those earlier adventures.

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Al Hajor mountains, Oman


We usually prefer to travel independently. But parts of Africa pose unique transport, accommodation, food, and personal security challenges. So, occasionally we’ve joined up with others on overlanding expeditions – camping, cooking, and traveling with others on a very BIG truck. (Which was a challenge in itself!)

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