Summary – Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh Rides

Here’s a summary of each cycle leg. We had one big diversion when Sharyn broke her arm and several multi-day rest periods during the trip.

Our original plan changed to allow us to meet up at least every few days, which meant staying nearer the coast where transport options were better for Shazz.

Stronger riders, with limited time, could easily combine some of the rides to make longer days.

The links against each ride will take you to the individual blog with pictures, videos, and a description of the ride with pertinent directions.

    • Total Distance: 1920 km
    • Number of ride days: 33
    • Average km/day: 58 km
    • Start – Hanoi – December 2020
    • Finish – Ho Chi Minh City (AKA Saigon) February 2021

1 Hanoi to Phu Ly – 74 km

2 Phu Ly to Tam Coc – 52 km

3 Tam Coc to Cuc Phuong National Park – 42km (Note we had to turn around at this point as Sharyn broke her arm!)

4 Tam Coc to Thanh Hoa – 61 km

5 Thanh Hoa to Hoang Mai – 66 km

6 Hoang Mai to Dien Chau41.5 km

7 Dien Chau to Vinh – 50 km

8 Vinh to Ha Tinh – 52 km

9 Ha Tinh to Ky Anh– 62 km

10 Ky anh to Dong Hoi – 86 km

11 Dong Hoi to Vinh Linh – 66.5 km

12 Vinh Linh to Hai Lang – 56 km

13 Hai Lang to Hue – 49 km

14 Hue to Lang Co – 65 km

15 Lang Co to Danang – 45 km

16 Danang to Hoi An – 25km

17 Hoi An to Tam Ky – 50 km

18 Tam Ky to Quang Ngai – 64.5 km

19 Quang Ngai to Tan Thanh – 74.5 km

20 Tan Thanh to Phu Cat – 70.5 km

21 Phu cat to Quy Nhon – 47.5 km

22 Quy Nhon to Tuy Hoa – 93 km

23 Tuy Hoa to Van Ninh – 67 km

24 Van Ninh to Nha Trang – 66 km

25 Nha Trang to Cam Ranh Bay – 71 km

26 Cam Ranh Bay to Phan Rang – 38 km

27 Phan Ranh to Ca Na – 58 km

28 Ca Na to Phan Ri Cua – 43 km

29 Phan Ri Cua to Mui Ne – 57 km

30 Mui Ne to La Gi – 76.5 km

31 La Gi to Ho Tram – 53.5 km

32 Ho Tram to My Xuan – 56 km

33 My Xuan to HCMC – 60 km


Apart from a few recent cycling blogs, which we found very helpful for remote areas, we relied mainly on during the journey to find accommodation. Occasionally, we used Agoda and Airbnb.

If we did it again, I would use the accommodation option ( via our WayAway Plus account to get the best prices plus cashback. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at this comprehensive review Shazz wrote. (The blog includes a 50% discount on the Premium Version)

In some places, there were NO options to pre-book. In very ‘local’ towns between bigger destinations, Tim had to rely solely on Google Maps and hope the accommodation would accept him. That wasn’t sure, as some hotels would NOT take foreigners during COVID.

The reluctance to rent to foreigners was one of the reasons we made reservations. Now that the country has re-opened to tourists, cyclists may find the other extreme, where the best value rooms are taken.

Overall, we stayed in a better standard of accommodation than would normally fit in our budget of ~15 to 20 USD/day. There were two reasons we were happy to upgrade. Firstly, Shazz had a broken arm, so she required some creature comforts. And secondly, prices were at rock bottom, even in the 4 and 5-star places, as there were very few tourists.

If you want to know more about the tools we use to book accommodation of all types, head over to our Accommodation Resources page.

1 Hanoi – The Hanoi Lullaby

2 Phu LyHotel Inco 515.9

3 Tam Coc – Tam Coc Mountain Lake Homestay (Highly, HIGHLY recommended)

4 Cuc Phuong – Cuc Phuong Hao Tham Homestay

5 Thanh Hoa – Hotel (Nha Nghi) Villa

6 Hoang MaiMuong Thanh Grand Hoang Mai

7 Dien Chau – Muong Thanh Grand Dien Chau

8 Vinh – Muong Thanh Grand Phuong Dong

8 Ha TinhVin Pearl Ha Tinh

9 Ky Anh – Muong Thanh Grand Ha Tinh (Ky Anh)

10 Dong Hoi – Geminai Hotel (Highly recommended for the cafe)

11 Vinh Linh – Nga Nghi Dream

12 Hai Lang – Khach San Eco Hotel

13 Hue – Scarlett Boutique Hotel (Highly recommended)

14 Lang Co – Lang Co Beach Resort

15 Danang – Sofiana My Ke

16 Hoi An – Lantana Boutique Hotel (Highly recommended)

17 Tam Ky – Muong Thanh Grand Hotel – Tam Ky

18 Quang Ngai – Hotel Hung Vuong

19 Tan Thanh – Lavender Hotel

20 Phu Cat – Thanh Binh Motel

21 Quy Nhon – Kila Boutique Hotel (Recommended)

22 Tuy Hoa – Coralina Hotel

23 Van Ninh – The Cocosea Hotel

24 Nha Trang – Panorama Hotel

25 Cam Rang Bay – Thanh Nhi homestay

26 Phan Rang – Sorrento Beach Club (Highly recommended)

27 Ca Na – Hong Cau Resort

28 Phan Ri Cua – The Flora Hotel

29 Mui Ne – Tien Dat Resort

30 La Gi – Pho Da Homestay

31 Ho Tram – Villa Sapphire

32 My Xuan – An Hoa 2 Hotel

33 Ho Chi Minh City – Airbnb

Handy Hints

1. On this tour, we didn’t take our usual camping and cooking gear as food and accommodation are cheap, and campgrounds and wild camps are rare. HOWEVER – we did take our Thermarest mattresses as Vietnamese beds, especially those in cheap accommodation, can be ROCK HARD!

2. We were super happy we had good travel insurance when Sharyn broke her arm. Public and rural health facilities in Vietnam are dirt cheap. However, you’re probably going to want international standard health care if something goes wrong, as it did with us. Unless you have a couple of thousand (or more) spare in your budget to cover the cost, you won’t get treatment. It’s ‘pay upfront’ in most places, so you’ll at least need a credit card with a good limit. Check out our Travel Insurance Resources here.

3. Believe it or not, there were some legs on the ride where it was difficult to find food en route. Pack some snacks or emergency food when heading into more rural areas.

4. If the winds on this ride were anything to go by, definitely ride north to south.

5. Vietnam has some amazing places to explore. If you have the time, stop off along the way and explore them rather than speeding on through. I’ve added a list of what we think are highlights below. Tell us in the comments what else we should add.

Destinations You Might Want to Explore Further.

The following links will take you to tours of the areas so you can get an idea of the highlights of each destination. As we continue to populate the blogs with our own experiences, I’ll swap them out to our customized itineraries.


  • Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital has plenty to do and see for all interests and budgets. As well as the city itself, if you have the time, also consider visiting:
  • Tam Coc/Ninh Binh – the incredible karst region.
  • Dong Hoi and Phong Nga Cave area
  • Hue – Vietnam’s ancient capital and the surrounding area.
  • Danang – It might be a big city, but the beach and resort facilities make it a great place for a break.
  • Hoi An – UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hoi An and An Bang beach are definitely worth a few days.
  • Quy Nhon and its surrounds – is smaller than Danang and Nha Trang but definitely an up-and-coming beach destination.
  • Nha Trang – It’s all about seafood and beaches in Nha Trang. Some people don’t like it. We were pleasantly surprised and glad we spent a couple of days exploring.
  • Phan Rang – If you are into surfing or kite surfing, this area is worth exploring.
  • Dalat – Vietnam’s most popular hill station if you decide to take the inland (very hilly) route.
  • Mui Ne – A nice place to stop on the journey south. Lots of cafes, restaurants, and beach culture.
  • Ho Tram/Vung Tau – the closest beach getaway to Ho Chi Minh City. Everything from budget homestays to glitzy resorts and golf courses.
  • Ho Chi Minh City – Our home away from home. Everything you could possibly want to celebrate your achievement.
  • Mekong Delta – Great for cycling if you want to extend your ride and explore the culture in the south of the country. Flat, flat, flat terrain.

Guide Bicycle Tours of Vietnam

Several companies offer cycling tours of Vietnam if you don’t want all the hassle of planning your route, finding accommodation, and carrying your luggage.

My friend Huy operates Vietnam Bike Tours with different itineraries around South East Asia. I’ve done one of his shorter tours in the Mekong, which was well run.

Intrepid runs several cycling tours, including this 15-day trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

Viator has a few, like this 7-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Hoi An

And Tour Radar has quite a few too.

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