The KitchenSome of you might be interested in what kind of camping gear we are carrying as well as our bike specifications. The stuff we got wasn’t always our first choice. For example we were keen to buy the new MSR Whisperlite Universal that takes gas cannister and multi-fuel but they haven’t been approved for Australia YET and getting one from overseas proved a big pain in the butt.  We should be able to get gas fairly easily while we are here in OZ so we bought the most stable looking, reasonably cheap gas stove we could find in the camping stores. I also would’ve liked the MSR Quick2 System  but I couldn’t get one online in Australia.  A lot of online companies in the States won’t ship internationally. I would’ve also liked to


have bought the quick frying pan as well,l which would have worked out pretty expensive.  My second choice was the Bugaboo Camper combination that included the plates and cups etc, but couldn’t get that model in OZ either  and it was for 4 people so we would’ve had extra stuff to carry.  Anyway I settled for the cookset and then added in the Light My Fire meal kits.

Compact Kitchen Accessories - Cycling Across Australia

There was very little we didn’t need to buy but  sleeping bags was one of them. It’s coming into spring here and it’s unlikely to get below 5 degrees anywhere we are going. Our current 2 season ones should do the trick and we have cotton sleeping bag liners for when it really hots up.

Camping Gear
Supplier Gear Make and Model Cost per Item
 Wild Earth  Tent  Vango Sabre 200 TBSII 2 person hiking Tent  170
   Cookware  GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Base Camper small 2 person cookset  80
     Light my Fire Outdoor Meal Kit 6 piece  25
     MSR Alpine folding Utensils Set  29
BCF   Egg Container with handle 4
the Reject Shop   Paring Knife Non-Stick with Sheath 3
 Wild Earth  Sink  Sea to Summit Folding Compact Kitchen Sink 10L  27
   Packing  Sea to Summit Seam Sealed Stuff Sac  17
 Paddy Pallin    Sea to Summit Dry Compression Sac Medium  40
 Snowgum    Eagle Creek Pack-it Complete Organizer  36
     Pack-It Sac L  10
     Pack-It Sac M  7
     Pack-It Sac S  6
    Pack-It Specter Sac Set 18
 Wild Earth  Day Packs  Sea to Summit 20L Ultra-sil Compact Folding Daypack  22
   Mattress  Thermarest NeoAir XLITE Ultralight Hiking Mattress – Womens Regular  202
     Thermarest NeoAir XLITE Ultralight Hiking Mattress –  Regular  216
 Midland Disposal  Pillow  Snowgum inflatable pillow  24
 Wild Earth  Chairs  Thermarest Trekker 20 Hiking Chair  40
 Paddy Pallin  Stove  Opti Crux Stove  85
     Opti Gas Cannister 0.45  13
     MSR Wind Reflector  25
   Water Storage  Sea to Summit 6L Pac Tap (x2)  35
Snowgum   Snowgum 1 Litre BPA free Water Bottle 1L (4) 10
Rebel Sport   Plastic 1L water bottles (2) 10
Brooks   Brooks 750ml water bottles (4) 5
 Kathmandu  Towel  Kathmandu Microfibre Towel  10
 Bunnings  Tarps  Ezy Tarp Light Duty 70gsm 1.1 x 1.7m  2
     Heavy Duty 160 gsm 1.8 x 2.4m  13
   Tie Downs  Ocy Grunt 75cm (2) Bungee  8
     Zipties 100 x 4mm (25)  3
     Tarp Bungees (pk4)  4
BCF   Multi strap bungee 30/75cm (2) 4
Bunnings   Rope  Grunt Utility Cord 3mm x 20m  5
   Tape  Tarzans Grip Super Strong duct Tape 5m  6
  Torch Arlec 24 + 3 LED 2-in-1 7
  Cleaning Dustpan and Brush set 2
    Scotchbrite Chamois (2) 6
  Tools Kinchrome 8mm Combination spanner 8
    Craftright Adjustable wrench 6
 BCF    Gerba Multi-tool Suspension  39
 The Reject Shop  Glue  Super Glue with Dispenser  2

We didn’t really need to buy too many riding clothes. You are never going to see Tim in Lycra and you won’t see me in it either until I lose quite a few excess kilos. The stuff we bought below was either because we will need it or the specials were so good we couldn’t resist.

Riding Clothes
Supplier Gear Make and Model Cost/Item
 Elite Racing Cycles  Helmet  Cratoni Bolt Helmet 77 
 Bunnings  Glasses (Shazz)  UV Wrap Safety Glasses Clear(for Rain)  14
Midand Disposals Glasses(Tim) VisionSafe Smoke Flex Goggle 20


 Short Liners  DHB Pivot Padded Liners  31
   Gloves  Sugoi Ladies RPM  18
     Cinellie Very Best Of 79 Mitt  27
   Gillet  Sportful Reflex Windproof  24
   Shoes (Sharyn)  Shimano Ladies WM43 SPD Tour  86
Rebel Sport  Shirt (Tim)  Adidas Climamaz 2  30
Brooks Rain Protection Orbit Jacket 50
 Midland Disposals    Tough Menzies Nylon Overpants  20
   Visibility  TG HV Yellow Gabbin Vest  15
Camping gear - Cycling Across Australia

It looks like a lot but it all packs down.


The Vango Tent - Cycling Across Australia

The Vango Tent has proved itself in wind and rain

Camping gear - Cycling Across Australia

We’ve already ditched the TV

Check out what we think are our TOP TEN things we couldn’t do without on this trip after Cycling halfway Across Australia.