Monthly Archive: August 2015

Cycling in Latvia 0

Road to Riga – Cycle Tour Latvia

One of the most difficult things for us to believe when we crossed the Estonian-Latvian border was that we’d only cycled a total of about 300km in Estonia. Compared to Australia, the Baltic States are tiny. That being said it was late afternoon and still about 120 km to Riga, so we would need two stops along the way. Handy...

Cycling in Estonia - Saaremaa 1

Island Hopping Estonian Style

In Estonia, it’s legal to ride on the road or the footpath. It’s not necessary to wear a helmet in either circumstance – Exiting Tallinn we chose the footpath as the traffic was thick and the road quite narrow. Becoming a hood ornament on a Scania just isn’t part of our plans! I’ve gotta say, though, I hate riding on...

Tallinn Estonia - Main Square, Raekoja Plats 2

Chillin in Tallinn, Estonia

We were very excited to be heading to our first new country on this trip. Both of us were really looking forward to the Baltic States. No-one we’d talked to had a bad word to say about them, and Tallinn, Estonia was high on the list of everyone’s favourites. We loved Finland but it was definitely time to move on....