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The Good Samaritans

Dream Acres Campground to Rensselaer: (40kms) It was a short day today from Dream Acres Campground, nothing special, just the usual corn to see. We cycled to the town of Monon, a short way away for breakfast. There was a Casey’s gas station where we could get a coffee and something to eat. It was already pretty warm. As we’d...


A Delightful Detour

Clyde to Elmore, Ohio: (35kms) A couple of weeks ago a friend of ours, Megan, contacted us and asked if we would be anywhere near her house during our trip. As it happened, her house was only about 100 miles off route, so we decided to cycle up to Michigan and see her. We used to work together in Vietnam...


Warmshowers and Rock’n’Roll

Geneva On The Lake to Mentor On The Lake, Ohio: (55kms) The route today was pretty convoluted. Ride a mile, turn left. Ride a mile, turn right! It was like that all day until we reached Painesville where we stopped in the middle of town for lunch on the sidewalk with the bikes. An older couple stopped and asked us...


Lakeside We Ride

Evangola State Park to Westfield: (72kms) From Evangola State Park, we followed Lakeshore Drive (Highway 5) along Lake Erie as it wound its way around the shoreline past hundreds of seasonal holiday homes and villages. The road rose and fell but never steeply enough to stop us climbing. Down to the last couple of kilometres and the heavens opened up...


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