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Hi there! We’re Tim and Sharyn Nilsen – two laid-back, adventure-loving, Aussie travelers who are excited to share our passion for independent, budget travel. We’ve been wandering the world for over 28 yrs, and have been fortunate to explore 140+ countries so far. We travel because we’d rather look back and say, “We did that!” instead of “If only we had!”


We do sometimes go with a group if it makes our journey cheaper and safer, but still embraces the spirit of adventure – like overlanding in Africa. However, you’ll usually find us traveling by ourselves because we believe it gets us closer to the places we visit and the people who live there. And, we like the autonomy and the challenge of planning and doing things by ourselves.


Needless to say, we have extensive experience in planning, funding, and surviving journeys to many less-visited destinations (along with most of the favorites.) So, we’ve tried to bring all that knowledge to this website, and hopefully help others like you do the same. If you’re ready to know more, then hit the search bar or dive into the menu at the top of the page.


Sometimes, we’re off on new adventures and don’t get time to update this website until we have some downtime. But if you follow us on Facebook  and/or Instagram you’ll stay up to date with where we are and what we’re doing. And if you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive all our latest travel tips, deals, and freebies, which are sent straight to your inbox once a month.

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