Overseas Adventures Made Easy

Overseas Adventures Made Easy:

How To Plan The Trip Of A Lifetime And Get Out The Door With Ease

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The Ultimate Guide for Planning Long-Term Travel

The Ultimate Guide for Planning Long-Term Travel

* No more stressful overseas trip planning

* No more forgetting critical pre-trip “To Do” tasks

* No more worrying after you leave home.

This book removes all the guesswork from planning an epic overseas adventure so you can head off on your overseas “dream” trip with complete peace-of-mind.




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In this Book You Will Discover…

  • How to work out how much your adventure will REALLY cost…

    My list of resources and instructions on how to use them will  ensure your budget is sound, so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip and not fret about your finances…


  • How to determine WHEN you can realistically depart…

    What to consider besides your actual trip, so you can have everything organized before you head off, leaving you worry free while you’re travelling…


  • How to MANAGE Both Your Trip & The Life You Leave Behind

    Comprehensive checklists cover everything from budgets and bookings, through to managing your job, health, property and possessions, legal, administrative and financial issues. Don’t leave anything to chance…

Never Miss A “Critical” Overseas Trip Planning Step Again!

There are a handful of really important steps to take in planning that are easy and quick to do at home.

However, these easy steps can make a world of difference once you’re overseas.

I’ve discovered – through first-hand, long-term travel experience over the past 23 years – ALL the critical “steps” you need to take before you embark on a long-term overseas trip.

And I’ve included ALL of these steps in my new International Living Resource, Overseas Adventures Made Easy: How To Plan The Overseas Trip Of A Lifetime And Get Out The Door With Ease

Put these steps and all the other hard-won advice I provide in Overseas Adventures Made Easy to use and you’ll save hours (perhaps even days) of angst, time, and money when you’re on the road.

Sharyn Nilsen

Sharyn Nilsen
Catch Our Travel Bug.com

Buy Now For Only $79

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