Singapore New Town

  Fast Facts

Official Name: Republic of Singapore (Singapore)
Location: South East Asia – Has a land border with mainland Malaysia
Population of Singapore: ~ 5.7 million
Capital of Singapore: Singapore
Singaporean Money: Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Singaporean Timezone: UTC +8
Visa Requirements for Singapore: Many nationalities do not need a visa to enter Singapore. However, since COVID, things may have changed. Check the latest requirements for entry into Singapore HERE .

Things to Do and See in Singapore

Our Experiences in Singapore

We have visited Singapore numerous times as independent travelers. 

The first visit, in 1996 was to explore the country itself. I can clearly remember the joy of finding the spotless, flush toilets in the airport on our arrival from Kalimantan. I’d had a pretty rough trot with gastro for the majority of our 2 month trip through Indonesia and Borneo. OMG, I gave the food courts a right thrashing after many weeks on white rice and flat lemonade. We stayed in little India from memory and saw all the popular sites at the time.

The second visit, in 2010, was the start of our current adventure. This time we stayed in the slightly dodgy, but full of character, Geylang district, and had friends who showed us parts of the city from a local perspective.

You can read about our experience below.

The many faces of Singapore

After both visits, we headed overland to mainland Malaysia and on to other parts of Asia.

Guided Tours of Singapore

Singapore is extremely easy to explore independently. The public transport system is efficient, convenient, and relatively cheap. Most people speak English and much of the city is easy to traverse on foot. But there is an enormous amount to do and see, and the country has a rich history and culture. And not everyone has the time or desire to plan and complete an independent trip. So for those who prefer someone else to do the organizing, want to tap into local expertise, or skip lining up for tickets, here’s a selection of what’s on offer.

Short Tours (1-2 days)

Get Your Guide has over 50 offers for popular activities in various destinations for you to investigate. Take a look HERE.

Viator has over ten times that number!!!. You can check them out HERE

Longer Tours

Intrepid Travel includes Singapore as the start or endpoint for longer trips throughout South East Asia.  You can check them all out HERE

GAdventures does a similar thing. You can check their tours out HERE

Tour Radar – Has a dozen or so reasonably priced for exploring Singapore during a stopover or at a more leisurely pace over three or four days. Use THIS LINK to get a 5% discount on your first booking.

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