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Wobegon in the Land of the Lakes

St. Cloud to Melrose, Minnesota: (60kms) At breakfast, Rae Ann made us some coffee and Custass asked if he could spend another night there as he wanted to watch a soccer game. We got ready and said goodbye, Eric was taking Rae Ann and Nathan to a theme park for the day, leaving Custass home by himself – very trusting...


All The Way Down to Surlytown

Woodbury to Dinkytown, Minneapolis, Minnesota: (22kms) Having spent some time last night, we put our faith in Google Maps once more to guide us from Woodbury, through the busy Minneapolis/St.Paul urban sprawl using another series of bikepaths and smaller roads. Skirting the St Paul city centre we made our way to one of the reasons that we chose this route...


Puffed Out in Prescott

Lake City, Minnesota to Prescott, Wisconsin: (69kms) The highway remained flat as we made our way north out of Lake City. We passed Hok Si La Park Campground and got to the village of Frontenac were we saw Robert’s bike parked out front with some other road bikes. We called in to say a quick hello and chat with him...


In Search of Bald Eagles and Broad Shoulders

McGregor, Iowa to Stoddard, Wisconsin: (85kms) This morning we left McGregor and crossed the mighty Mississippi for the second time, stopping at the Visitor’s Centre in Prairie Du Chien on the other side. We are now in Wisconsin and still headed north. The Visitor’s Centre wasn’t much help with info about road conditions and shoulder widths, we really didn’t expect...


Rolling on Down to the River

Cascade to Dyersville: (34kms) Our route today had been in some contention for quite a while now, over a year in fact! I had read a blog while researching our route saying Farley Road (heading north from Cascade) had roadworks and there was no bitumen for most of it. The other option, the busy 136 which went directly to Dyersville...


Who Said Iowa is Flat?!

Muscatine to Lowden: (61kms) We got cracking early and followed Park Road up and out of Muscatine and onto the busy 38. We passed a family of dead racoons on the road, a mother and 3 babies. Racoons don’t seem to be as street savvy as a lot of other animals we see ran over during our days on the...


Our Money’s No Good in Muscatine

Preemption, Illinois to Muscatine, Iowa: (52kms) The next morning, after an early coffee, Dan dropped us back to the church in Preemption so that we could resume on route to Muscatine. We had booked an Airbnb for 3 nights and were looking forward to the rest. We cycled the short distance to the town of Reynolds and bought a “Breakfast”...


The Missionary Position

Henry to Kewanee: (68kms) We decamped the waterfront park, but not after having to dry our tent out again from the morning’s dew. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long and we were making our way through the shady streets of Henry to a Casey’s gas station on the outskirts of town for breakfast. Out past the showgrounds, we were back in...


Hospitality and High Times in Henry

Ashkum to Odell: (64kms) It was still raining when we got up. We emptied the tent and pulled it under the pavilion and tried to dry it as best we could. There’s nothing worse than packing a wet tent. We decided to wait it out, but not there, back at the BP where we could get some breakfast. Once again...


The Good Samaritans

Dream Acres Campground to Rensselaer: (40kms) It was a short day today from Dream Acres Campground, nothing special, just the usual corn to see. We cycled to the town of Monon, a short way away for breakfast. There was a Casey’s gas station where we could get a coffee and something to eat. It was already pretty warm. As we’d...


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