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Sofia Bulgaria 0

The Welcoming Green Heart of Sofia Bulgaria

It was a short comfortable ride from Ruse, and once again we were thankful we’d decided to put the bikes on public transport. Narrow, crowded roads, with next to no shoulder would have made cycling a nerve wracking proposition. And the detour off the main freeway through steep inclines would have tested our endurance. As it was, we arrived in...

Abavas Rumba, Latvia 1

Heading to where the wind is born…

After our great experience with Latvian rural hospitality, we were mentally and physically rejuvenated. With significant fossil deposits in the adjoining valley, the temptation to stay another night at Plost Krog’s and do some fossicking was high for me (Tim). The attraction, however, was lost on Shazz, and we departed after breakfast the next morning, heading towards Kuldiga. The mornings ride was...


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