EBook Cover_Large-002Get Away Worry Free

Pre-Trip Tips for Long-Term Travel

Sharyn Nilsen and her husband Tim have been travelling worry free for over 8 of the past 19 years and touched down in more than 100 countries.

This book explains what they did before they left to eliminate problems on the road, and how you can too.

You'll Learn:

Green TickCritical items when planning your adventures, including budgets, bookings & documentation.

Green TickHow to address issues of health and give yourself the best possible chance to enjoy and survive your trip.

Green TickHow to prepare your relationships with family, friends and pets for long term separation.

Green TickHow to leave your job or business without burning bridges and leave options for when/if you return.

Green TickEven the ascetics among us end up with possessions. You'll learn options for dealing with them.

Green TickHow to ensure you have legal, administrative and banking details under control and risks are managed.

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What Readers are Saying on AMAZON!

starGreat info for traveling from a traveler!
 A well written book filled with practical knowledge and loaded with experience. As a foreign traveler, I have read this book and appreciate the good information that makes a trip much easier. I like that the book is easy to attain the information needed starting from the table of contents. The topics make it easy with useful information. I also love that the book has links for the reader to read if he or she wishes to find out even more on a subject. I wish I had this book before I started traveling a few years back. I could have avoided the many pitfalls that I have experienced myself. Most of the things I tell my friends who visit are already in this book. Highly recommend!
Brian D. Hamilton "Brian" (Bellflower, CA) January 5, 2015


starRead this before you book your trip! 
 This is a quick read but still packed with loads of actionable ideas for getting the boring stuff organised BEFORE you buy those plane tickets. You may be surprised at just how many things you need to think about in the lead up to a longer getaway! Let Sharyn's considerable travel experience guide you through the process and be sure you start YOUR trip stress free.
 Juan's Mom October 19, 2014

starThis lady knows what she's talking about!

With over 100 countries to her name, the author is definitely in a position to hand out some travel advice. The tips in this book will undoubtedly help both first timer travellers and seasoned veterans on the road. Best of all, the information is easily consumed with ZERO fluff added. Highly recommended addition to any travel book collection.

Carlo  November 17, 2014


starSharyn has put together a very succinct and useful ebook...

Sharyn has put together a very succinct and useful ebook for anybody that is looking to travel out of the country for any length of time. I actually spent some time this weekend with my old college roommates who have been expats off and on for much of the last 20 years and found this to be a great supplement to the advice they shared with me.

Derek Kruger "Geek" (Arizona), November 18, 2014




About the Author

Sharyn Nilsen is a passionate traveller who has taken time out for long term travel with her husband,  on several occasions. The first time they sold everything and travelled around the world for over three years, before returning to build their foundation for future trips. They are currently in the fourth year of their second big trip and have now been to well over 100 countries. You can catch their stories and tips on their blog, Catch Our travel Bug.

Sharyn wrote this book to answer the dozens of questions she has been asked on how  their affairs back home are managed while they are on the road. She believes there are no secrets to worry free travel; just good planning and common sense. As a former Quality Manager for the Queensland Government, Sharyn understands the importance of identifying potential risks and addressing them before they become a problem. Her goal is to enable others to feel comfortable in setting off on their dream adventures, knowing they have considered, and dealt with, all the important details back home.

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