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Sofia Bulgaria 0

The Welcoming Green Heart of Sofia Bulgaria

It was a short comfortable ride from Ruse, and once again we were thankful we’d decided to put the bikes on public transport. Narrow, crowded roads, with next to no shoulder would have made cycling a nerve wracking proposition. And the detour off the main freeway through steep inclines would have tested our endurance. As it was, we arrived in...


Ruse – Bulgaria, A Pleasant Surprise!

After a fabulous three weeks of Romanian hospitality, it was time to get back on the bikes and move on to Bulgaria. Our route from the heart of Bucharest to the Bulgarian border town of Ruse looked relatively straightforward, but it wasn’t to be without its challenges. The bridge crossing the mighty Danube at Ruse was under repair, but still...

Brasov - Romania, TRansylvania 0

Anyone seen Dracula? – Transylvania’s Brasov, Romania

The central bus station in Brasov is small and crammed next to the train station. There’s not much room in between buses which makes it challenging to retrieve large items. (like touring bicycles and large Chinese shopping bags full of panniers!) The task is even more difficult due to the constant wave of people squeezing through every possible gap.  We had to ferry each...


We Abandoned the Bikes in Moldova!

“Rust never sleeps.” Neil Young wrote about it, and Moldova is living proof! A tiny country, nestled between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova has a population of just over 4 million. Not so long ago Moldova, the former Soviet Republic enjoyed a booming wine industry. But, in 2006-2007, the largest importer of Moldovan wine, Russia, placed a total ban on it....


The Mysteries of Minsk, Belarus

I’m really not sure what our expectations were of Belarus. As a former part of the USSR and still maintaining extremely close ties with Moscow, I guess I had some stereotypical images in the back of my mind. Drab grey communist block architecture, poorly stocked supermarkets and a dearth of Western influence, brands, and media. Perhaps we’d see dour citizens...


Better In Our Pocket Than The Bank’s

Update March 2020: HIFX in Australia have now joined with XE Currency. Different name, same or better great rates. Here’s a link to get $25 off your first transfer if you’re from Australia. If you’re from the UK or Europe then, you can still have an account with HiFX themselves. How we saved $1000 just by dissing our bank! Just...


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