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Here’s where we’ll gradually build a comprehensive page of travel tips advice and links to assist our readers with planning and enjoying their dream journeys. We also put our thoughts on long term travel. It’s definitely a different kind of lifestyle. Let us know of any subjects you’d like us to cover.


Overseas Adventures Made Easy: How to Plan The Trip of a Lifetime And Get Out The Door With Ease – My new eBook, published in conjunction with International Living Australia, details some of the less glamorous aspects of planning for a long trip. Unfortunately, forgetting these issues could come back to bite you down the track. Learn from our experience and take the stress out of leaving on that dream adventure.


Advice & Tips on Making Your Trip Better, Safer & Cheaper

International Housesitting: Stretch Your Travel Budget & Upgrade Your Trip – Part 1 of a two-part series on house and petsitting and how they can help you travel further, cheaper and more comfortably.

You’ve booked your holiday but have you bought Insurance??? – Why travel Insurance is a must, how to choose a policy and what to do then.

Transferwise: Saving Us Some Serious Cash – If you need to earn and transfer different currencies while you’re travelling Transferwise is WAY cheaper than Paypal. I did a detailed review and showed how it’s saving us several thousand dollars a year.

Travelling –  Planning, Going on the Road (Part 1) – Part one of a series of blogs about how we plan and execute our independent, budget, big adventures and the resources we use. This part is about how we choose our destinations.


Saving $$$$’s

Better in our Pockets Than the Bank’s – We saved $1000 dollars by bypassing our bank when paying for our Caribbean adventure.

Top 10 Lists

  1. 10 Bike Bits We Couldn’t Be Without – Cycling Across Australia
  2. 10 Things We Carry for Comfort and Convenience – Cycling Across Australia
  3. Our Top Ten Travel Items – for any trip

Great Deals

Check out our Resources & Handy Links Page for a list of our partners. They have great deals on flights, accommodation, travel gear and almost everything else you could need for an awesome trip.


How To Travel To The Maldives on a Budget: And Still Have An Awesome Time – How we spent a week in the Maldives for around $1000, a fraction of what most people pay.

Sri Lanka – The Key to our 10-week exploration of this beautiful teardrop island.

North America – A bicycle adventure through Canada and the USA

Oman – An unusual road trip to explore the wilderness of stunning Oman

Northern India – Some of the fantastic and colourful pictures we took in this amazing part of the world.

Myanmar – It was impossible not to take a great photograph in Myanmar. So many smiles.

New York – One of those cities you really must visit before you die!!

Personal Thoughts

Heading for Home – How we feel about heading home after an extensive period away

Have you ever been inspired by a book to Travel? – Has your latest reading given you another item on your bucket list?

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