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I wish I’d started this page when (in what seems like eons ago!) we first started researching for our travels. Come to think of it, there was no iternet when we first started our travel. How much have things changed???? There are so many awesome bloggers out there, I’ll never get to them all. However, a 2014 New Years Resolution is to spread the word about some of our best resources and those new ones we we find so make sure you keep coming back to this page as it grows.

Cycle Touring

Crazy Guy on a Bike – This site is a great source of information for anybody wanting to go cycle touring, not least of all because it has links to so many other blogs that get specific on topics you will want to read.

Travelling Two – We used a lot of information from this site when we were researching the basics and they have some great free downloads that will set you on the right track. They even have some very detailed notes on cycling across the Nullarbor that were exactly what we needed.

Bicycle Fish – A great low tech blog that has great information on bicycle touring. Not too many graphics but loads of good info including awesome info on the Nullarbor


1000 places to Fight Before You Die – Sounds like a strange title for a travel website but The Fighting Couple have a blog that focussing specifically on travelling couples. We all know it can get stressful at times but it\’s best to keep your sense of humour.

One Step 4ward – This is the site I voted for in the 2013 Hostelworld Travel Story Awards. It was close but Johnny got the vote. We\’ve been to as many countries and I love the way he tells a yarn.

Brendans Adventures – This site came a very close second in the awards. Brendan has some gorgeous pics and some trully awesome stories. Plus Johnny got back to me when I posted a comment. Always nice to get a response.

Next Stop Who Knows – A look into the lifestyle of fellow long term travellers Carlo and Florence. They’ve been on the road for quite a few years now and their writing is very insightful, as is their advice on how to earn an income while staying on the road.

Personal Growth

Accepting Awesome  written by one of my good friends. The bravery that this lady has to come out and blog about her experience with food, alcohol, depression and perfectionism and her journey to realize what we all knew..She is an Awesome person!!!- will strike a cord with just about everyone, including myself. I have actually had a tear in my eye at times when reading a post.

Triathlete Chronicles by an Athletic Powerhouse – Another great blog that shows that we all have the power to be extraordinary. I trained with this awesome lady when I was competing in triathlons many years ago and she never ceased to inspire me with her gutz and determination just to get out there.

Note: I do not receive any payment for this post (or any others on the site for that matter!). I do receive a small amount of money by allowing advertisements on the site and any purchases made through those links.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve read many a travel blog and so far the only one that’s really kept my attention and had me sign up as a follower was

    I think you might enjoy it…

    Happy travels 🙂

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