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International housesitting guide 2

International Housesitting – A Guide to Housesitting Worldwide.

Hopefully, you’ve already read Part 1 of our series on housesitting – International Housesitting – How to stretch your travel budget and upgrade your trip. In it, we explained what housesitting is all about, along with the many benefits of house and pet sitting for both homeowners and sitters. We also examined the downside of housesitting. As we say in...


A head for heights – Ziplining @ Angkor Cambodia

For a girl that doesn’t like heights, I have to say I’m pretty damn chuffed with myself. Anyone that shakes at the knees and feels faint looking out a 10-storey window will understand. If you’d told me I could fly through the jungle, 50 metres above the ground, suspended only by a cable, attached to a couple of trees, I...


Transferwise Borderless – Saving Us Some Serious Cash

A Paypal alternative saving us thousands. Up front, I hate bank fees and gouging by financial institutions. More specifically, I hate paying more than I should for a substandard service. Freelancers,  bloggers, and Digital Nomads (like us) have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere in the world, for clients across the globe. As long as we coordinate and...


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